Hand Harvested - Consciously Blended

Yoni & Lingam Steam Blends

Are you seeking consciously created herb blends to begin or continue your steaming practice?   See our blends below.

Each  steam herb is personally harvested on the raw wilderness land of nearly 2,000 acres in which she lives or is from her organic garden.  These blends have been personally used and created by Tara herself and takes great care in sharing these blends with you. 

It's time to reconnect and soften the body to drop within.  Yoni and Lingam steam ritual helps us feel into our root and sacral chakras.  Originally women used this healing practice to help ease pre-menstrual symptoms, pain with uterine fibroids/cramps/endometriosis/etc, emotional stress & anxiety, menopause, increase fertility, recover from birth and healing of vaginal and uterine scar tissues, ph balance, restore healthy bacteria and much more. 


Today, not only do women continue Yoni steam for these purposes, but also a growing number of men steam as a spiritual and/ or deep practice do connect with both our masculine and feminine spaces.  Steaming can also help with hemorrhoids and prostate health.

Do not steam if you....

  • Are or think you could be pregnant

  • Have open sores or an infection near/around/within your sacred spaces

  • Have an IUD

  • Or are bleeding, as sometimes herbs can increase moon cycle bleeding 

Curious about each herbal property & benefit?  Check out the FREE herb download list below.

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