Hand Harvested - Consciously Blended
Yoni & Lingam Steam Blends

Are you seeking consciously created herb blends to begin or continue your steaming practice?   See our blends below.

Each  steam herb is personally & carefully harvested on the raw wilderness land of nearly 2,000 acres in which Tara lives or is from her organic garden.  


Yoni and Lingam steam ritual helps us connect with our body and even spiritual self for love, expansion & healing. Steaming helps people with libido, uterine health, PMS, fertility, stress & anxiety,  fibroids/cramps/endometriosis/etc, menopause, hemorrhoids, healing of scar tissues, minor external skin irritations,  ph balance, restore healthy bacteria, post-birth wellness, prostate health and much more. 

Do not steam if you....

  • Are or think you could be pregnant

  • Have open sores or an infection near/around/within your sacred spaces

  • Have an IUD

  • Or are bleeding, as sometimes herbs can increase bleeding 

Download our FREE herb list with medicinal & energetic properties list AND short guided yoni steam meditation below!

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