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Earth Tantra Book Club


Early Winter Book: Introduction To Tantra by Lama Yeshe

Are you drawn to classical Tantra?
Feeling a call to learn more of the Tantric Tibetan Buddhist Philosophies?

Join Tara L. Skubella as we unlock the wisdom of Tantra from the great teachings of the late Buddhist Monk, Lama Yeshe.  

Join us live via zoom or recording:  4 Week Club 
Choose Sunday 7pm - 8pm MST OR Wednesday 11am - Noon MST
Nov 26 or 29
Dec 3 or 6
Dec 10 or 13
Dec 17 or 20

Lifelong Investment of Wisdom - Sliding Scale Per Person
$26 (financial assistance)
$42 (true cost of course)
$99 (includes 1 30-min session w/ Tara)
*No refunds since you can listen to the recordings for up to 1 year
**Partners - choose the best 2 options for you.  Some couples choose the $42 or $99 and add on $26 for the 2nd person

This 4 week course book club style offers....
  1. A 4 week journey in sharing perspectives, process the rich wisdom and expand spiritual knowledge in a like minded collaborative. 
  2. A unique blend of traditional teachings woven into modern life application
  3. A co-created safe space to express your opinion and listen to other opinions
  4. One welcome pre-recorded video - sent via email
  5. List of questions to for each chapter to expand perspective - sent via email
  6. Zoom recordings of each session (good up to 1 year)
  7. Guidance from me, Tara.  This will be the 7th time I'll read Introduction to Tantra, and I always learn something new.  The book is also required as part of the 500 hr Earth Tantra Teaching program - making it a top pick and highly suggested read for a traditional tantric perspective. 
  8. Zoom reminders and link (sent a few hours before 7pm Sun & 11am Wed), as well as the 2 weekly recordings
  9. 3 sliding scale options and convenient times making it more inclusive
Course Sessions - Mark Your Calendar now
  • Nov 19:             Email w/welcome video, questions for book & logistics
  • Nov 25:             Email course start reminder 
  • Nov 26 or 29:   Zoom Session 1:  Welcome.  Chapters 1- 3 
  • Dec 3 or 6:       Zoom Session 2:  Chapters 4-7
  • Dec 10 or 13:   Zoom Session 3:  Chapters 7-10
  • Dec 17 or 20:   Zoom Session 4:  Chapters 11& 12 + Wrap Up
Investment Per Person: $26, $42 Or $99 (+30 min check in for $99)
Sign Up Ends Nov 22nd
What people are saying about this book:  "Each sentence holds valuable and deep knowledge".  "I reread this book via audible about once a year, and each time I read it I learn something new".  "I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning tantra as a whole".  "It's nice to find a book of eastern knowledge written for western English readers".  "It's refreshing to find a tantric book that isn't just about tantric sex".  "Lama Yeshe shares and guides the keys to spirituality lost in today's modern world.  We all need this reminder".  
Can I read ahead of the group?  Yes, perhaps you've even read the book already. I encourage you to write down the answers to the prompted questions for deeper understanding. Please read chapters 1 - 3 for session #1.
Who guides the course?  Tara, founder & guide of Earth Tantra.  Click here to learn more about me.   
I'll guide and present all material.  I'm NOT a guru or scholar, however I know this book really well and feel it is one of the most valuable books focusing on traditional tantra available to us.  Lama Yeshe shares his teachings in a way most westerner's can understand - meaning it is written for the common person, just as Tantra is meant to be accessible to everyone.
Do you supply the book?  No.  The book isn't supplied.  You can either purchase the book from amazon/ kindle , audible or search for an upcycled book. It's free for amazon audible members or perhaps through your local library loan system.  We recommend you order your book right away to make sure it arrives on time. 
Can I get a little more information on the book?  Yes.  CLICK HERE to go to Lama Yeshe's  website to hear an audio teaching of this well known book.  
What if I can't make a session?   No problem.  All zoom sessions are recorded and shared with the group.  Saved session links are good for up to one year.  Also, you can choose to join us conveniently on Sundays, 7pm MST, or Wednesdays, 11am MST, or for both.  Even if you can only attend 2 of the 4 sessions, it will be worth your time.   Please note there are no refunds since this course's recordings are available for one year.  
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