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Earth Tantra Book Club

Hecate  hekate book

Entering Hekate's Cave
A Journey Through Darkness to Wholeness:  by Cyndi Brannen

6 Week Book Club Journey
 March 6 - April 11th
Wednesdays: 11am MST OR 7pm MST

Desiring to connect more with your dark edges of femininity, death, shadow, taboo, your soul's path, ancestral healing OR the wisdom of  raven, fire, plant, serpent and canine energy for transformation?

Join Tara L. Skubella, and a group of like minded people, as we unlock mysteries of the Underworld Aegean Goddess, Hekate, through shared perspectives and ritual of ancient wisdom.

Join us live via zoom or recording:  6 Week Book Club 
Choose Wednesday @ 11am MST  OR Wednesday @ 7pm MST

March 6th 
March 13th
March 20th
March 27th
April 3rd
April 10th

Lifelong Investment of Wisdom - Sliding Scale Per Person
$42 (financial assistance)
$64 (true cost)
$99 (+ 30min custom Hekate ritual or session w/ Tara)
*No refunds since you can listen to the recordings for up to 1 year
**Partners - choose the best 2 options for you.  Some couples choose the $32
 or $99 and add on $26 for the 2nd person.

hecate course
The 6 week book club  course style offers....
  1. Being a part of sacred Goddess work
  2. Sharing perspectives of what we learn
  3. A short welcome, ritual and ending as we honor Hekate at each session
  4. A co-created safe space to express your opinion and listen to other opinions
  5. One welcome pre-recorded video - sent via email
  6. List of questions to for each chapter to expand perspective - sent via email
  7. Optional weekly practice/ rituals
  8. Zoom recordings of each session (good up to 1 year)
  9. Guidance from me, Tara.  See Q/A for my Hekate experience and practices
  10. Zoom reminders and link (sent a few hours before we meet)
  11. 2 weekly recordings
  12. Sliding payment scale options and TWO convenient times making it more inclusive for our friends in all parts of the world.
  13. BONUS:  One free additional group gratitude Hekate ceremony after book club finishes  Date tbd by best time of group
Zoom Course Sessions - Save the dates now for the following Wednesdays
at 11am OR 7pm MST
  • Feb 28th:       Email reminder with welcome video & questions
  • March 6th     Session 1 
  • March 13th:  Session 2
  • March 20th:  Session 3
  • March 27th:  Session 4
  • April 3rd:      Session 5
  • April 10th:    Session 6
  • Date TBD best of group:  BONUS Hekate Gratitude and Spring Wholeness Ceremony
Investment Per Person: $42, $64 Or $99 (+ Bonus)
Why Hekate and Tara's Experience?  Several years ago, during a period when I was exploring death-related aspects of life, Hekate became a significant influence. This coincided with the passing of 4 family members within 4 months, prompting me to become a certified death doula. Hekate guided me to the open gates of the Hekate Tribe Applebranch Group, where I sat in regular devotion, meetings, rituals, and studies for over a year. I was initiated into the tribe just before the 2020 pandemic and officially invoked Hekate as my guide in June 2020. Although my practice with her has varied, and I am no longer active with the Hekate Applebranch, she has remained a constant presence. In the past year and a half, Hekate has re-emerged strongly after another immediate family member's passing. My ancestral DNA is linked to Greece and the Anatolian region, home to Hekate temple. This June, I will be co-guiding an Aegean Pilgrimage with my soul sister and Turkish friend, Nilgun. Perhaps you might be interested in joining us.   I've also read Hekate's Garden by Cyndi Brannen in 2021 during my studies with the Applebranch Group.  Part of the the land on Raven wild farm, in which I reside is dedicated to her. 
How is Hekate related to tantra?  Tantra encompasses the entirety of life, from birth and childhood to adulthood, death, and beyond. Within tantra, there is an emphasis on learning from and honoring deities.  Most tantric practitioners and devotees understand tantra's inclusivity extends to respecting Gods/Goddesses from various cultures, such as Hekate.
Can I read ahead of the group?  Yes, perhaps you've even read the book already. I encourage you to write down the answers to the prompted questions for deeper understanding. 
Who guides the course?  Tara, founder & guide of Earth Tantra.  Click here to learn more about me.   
I'll guide and present all material.  I'm NOT a guru, Hekate Scholar or "Witch".  However I do consider myself earth based (not pagan or shaman).  See the first question above for more info and my personal connection and experience.
Do you supply the book?  No.  The book isn't supplied.  You can either purchase the book from a local bookstore, amazon/ kindle , audible or search for an upcycled book. It could even be in circulation through your local library loan system.  Be sure to extend the check out the book an additional week or 2.  We recommend you order the book right away to make sure it arrives on time. 
Can I get a little more information on the book?  Yes.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE
What if I can't make a session?   No problem.  All zoom sessions are recorded and shared with the group.  Saved session links are good for up to one year.  Also, you can choose to join us conveniently Wednesdays at 11am MST, or  7pm MST or for both. 
*Please note there are no refunds since this course's recordings are available for one year.
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