Opening Your Higher 3 Chakras

5 Week Course February 19th-March 26th

A Self Paced 5 Week Course:  $99 Basic/  $199 35 Hr Certification

Truth:Throat Chakra/Intuition:Third Eye Chakra/Enlightenment: Crown Chakra





A 5 + Week Virtual Course Through Facebook & Zoom

Teacher Certification Course runs an extra month for extra study & practicum

*Prerequisite = Healing the Lower 4 Chakras Course*

February 19th - March 25th/ Certification Ends April 23rd

Are you ready to expand your practice after mastering root to heart breath?  Let's take our chakra work and meditation to the next level by immersing into the upper 3 Chakras.  In this course we will connect and practice bringing grounded energy up into the throat, third-eye and crown.  As a result, you will deepen connection with higher self, source, enlightenment, the universe, God or what you call your guided spirit for a full complete 7 Chakra practice.


In this course you will learn to.......

1) speak and heal more of your truth through voice and other forms communication

2) tap into and trust your intuition 

3) open and expand your crown for a pathway of enlightenment. 

With surrender and practice some people are able to experience visions, spirit travel, peace with being, understanding their place in the universe, spiritual awakenings and more as they deepen connection with the highest 2 Chakras through meditation and breath. 

5 Week Course Includes

*Facebook Classroom w/ all content & material AND/ OR via email

*4 live & recorded zoom calls (see schedule below)

*Review of Lower 4 Chakras & expanded breath work

*1 recorded instructional video each of the 5 weeks via facebook 

*Learn 1 Chakra per week to dive deep & practice techniques for blockages & overactive energy

*Each Chakra function, element, balance, meditation tools, crystals, vibration, food, etc

*Weekly home practices, tips and extra material to guide your weekly self exploration & healing

*Introduction to advanced breath techniques

*Differentiating monkey mind thoughts and spiritual guidance - how do you know it's "real"?

*Expanding connection with higher self through solo sexual pleasure

*Networking and a tribal community support as we grow together during this journey

*5 part course helping you connect to your intuition and highest self

*2 optional LIVE zoom guided videos

*Unlocking the secrets to the "mother of all Mandalas" - the SRI YANTRA

BUSY LIFE?  NO PROBLEM.  Watch, practice, learn, connect, inspire & seek on your own time - check into the course 2 - 4 X's weekly/ Certification 3-4 X's weekly

$199 for the teacher certification package 

*Required Prerequisite*

 Healing Your Lower 4 Chakras 5 Week Course

Course Options:

  • Basic = $99 - access to facebook classroom, 4 live & recorded zoom calls, inspiration, home practices, support + One thirty minute private phone/ virtual check in with Tara.

  • Advanced/Teacher's Certification = $199 - SELLS OUT FAST!- BEST DEAL! includes the basic above AND

    • Up to 4 private 30 minute phone/ virtual check in sessions & custom home practices. 

    • 2 teacher group 1+ hour sessions via zoom

    • 3 Hr.Teaching practicum for a certificate to guide others.

    • 1 teacher's certification certificate, if you complete the 35 hour time sheet assignments & requirements.

    • It's required to attend a minimum of 2 live zoom calls/ and to watch all 6 (recorded)

    • The certification program lasts approx. 3 extra weeks for additional study & practicum hours. (SAVE $193!) ONLY 8 SPACES AVAILABLE

Tentative Course Schedule

Week #1 - Welcome, Root To Heart breath review & Intro To Sri Yantra

     *Teacher Only Zoom Wed Feb 22nd 11am MST

Week #2 - Introduction, guided practice & supportive materials  to Throat Chakra

     *All Class Zoom Sun Feb 22nd 7pm MST & Teacher required check in

Week #3 - Introduction, guided practice & supportive materials to Third Eye Chakra

     *All Class Zoom March 1st 11am MST

Week #4 - Introduction, guided practice & supportive materials to Crown Chakra

     *All Class Zoom March 8th 7pm MST & Teacher required check in

Week #5 - Putting it all together - enlightenment (solo sexual pleasure & Sri Yantra end)

     *All Class Zoom March 15th 11am MST

Week #6- - Continuation of teacher's certification program & practicum.  Timesheet and last check in is due by April 23rd. Starting April 24th you can extend your time for up to a year for only $25.  *Teacher Only Zoom (1.5 hrs) - TBD according to best time for the most people.

This course is non-refundable, however if you can't make it last minute you can join us next time or use the course fee as credit for another event or course.

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