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Ancestral Anatolia Pilgrimage
Awaken The Wisdom Of Your Ancestors

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June 12-16th & June 18-22nd 2024

Greece & Turkey Pilgrimage Immersion 

Do you feel an energetic connection to the Turkish & Greek regions?
Are you a female looking to activate your ancestral lineage?
Have you always felt drawn to this area and aren't sure why?
Join Tara, Founder & Guide of Earth Tantra, and Nilgun, Yoga Instructor & Breath Coach in a  pilgrimage of the Anatolian.   Heal & Awaken your heart & spirit lines to connect  with the ancient ones while growing powerful divine feminine gifts.  We will utilize family constellation perspective, breath work, ritual and ceremony, earthing, shadow healing, Gaia's elemental wisdom, dance, nurturing yoga, mediation & wisdom of Goddess Hecate to navigate our life's path.
Attend 1 or both locations - you choose!  Limited Space.

For Who?  Anyone who identifies as female, 18 - 88 years, and feels a connection to Turkey, Greece and the Anatolia/ Mediterranean regions.  Students are also ready to step outside of her comfort zone and do the work of ancestral healing by diving deep into energy work and facing both the light & shadows within.  This is not an adventure vacation.  We ask any additional site seeing is taken before or after the retreat time.  

What?   Gather in a small intimate sisterhood circle to explore, deeper connect, awaken and heal our connections with the ancients.  Our commitment to holding a safe sacred space to express is important in this journey.  We ask that you approach this journey with an open heart knowing it can be both life changing, blissful and challenging as our primary intention is for ancestral healing and awakening.  

    Greece Intention, Practices & Outline:  More Coming Soon

  • Family Constellation, Yoga, Bee Energy & Healing Trip to Local Farm, Earth Cave Immersion and Puja, Deep Sea Water Healing Trip, Introduction to Greek Gods/ Goddess, History of Crete and Greece, Ancestral Altar, The Depths of Hecate as a Spirit Guide, Ancestral & Spirit Guide Journey, Trip 

    Turkey Intention Practices & Outline:   Coming soon

You'll Leave With.... 

  • Deep inner healing & awakening practices you can use for the rest of your life

  • An intimate connectedness to the Aegean Sea and Earth

  • More appreciation for your ancestors and their knowledge embedded within you

  • An awakened feminine energy to help understand your life's purpose

  • A more intimate connection with mother earth - no matter where you are

  • A healthy body relationship, including womb space, and self love

  • Rejuvenation of life and zest for expanding your feminine gifts


Includes all of the above and....

  • One 60 min group live & recorded travel zoom Q/A check in before the retreat

  • One 30 min private check in with Tara or Nilgun during the retreat 
  • WhatsApp travel group one week before and days after departure for support

  • Accommodations and delicious healthy meals on retreat session days

  • Most ceremonial supplies 

  • One 60 min group live and recorded zoom

What's Not Included? 

  • Travel to and from retreat locations (including between Greece & Turkey)

  • Any travel related expenses, visas etc

  • Personal items/ snacks

  • Ceremonial clothing

  • Extra spending money

  • Meals on days off

  • Personal hygiene items

What to bring?  - A more detailed list will be sent out closer to the retreat.

  • White ceremonial clothing (or close to it - some color or tan is okay)

  • Other ceremonial clothing (TBD)

  • 1 meaningful ancestral related item  (you'll get this back)

  • Comfortable clothing for mediation, yoga & dance

Itinerary Coming Soon

Life Long Spiritual Practice Investment:  Coming Soon

Non-refundable hold my place/sign up fee = $ for Greece location/ $ for Turkish location

(If you can't make it last minute $XXX can be applied toward future events - all other payments refunded)

Retreat  Options Coming Soon

Greece Location:  Armonia on the island of Crete

  • Shared Room with 1 @ Crete Location:  Armonia

  • Shared Room with 2 @ Crete Location:  Armonia

Turkish Location:  Coming Soon

  • Shared Room @ Turkish Location

  • Shared Room @ Turkish Location 

Image by Eleni Afiontzi
Retreat Accommodations Coming Soon.

About Your Guides Nilgun & Tara

Photo Nov 30 2022, 1 09 36 PM.jpg

Nilgun and Tara crossed paths in 1993 while attending college at Northwest Missouri State University in the US. Their friendship flourished and their energetic connections has stayed strong over the past 3 decades.  They are coming together to support other women who seek inner healing and wisdom through their connections to the Mediterranean.  


About Your Guide Tara L. Skubella

Founder of Earth Tantra
Tara L. Skubella is certified as a Level 4 Tantra Guide, 200 hr Tantra/ Kundalini Yoga instructor, Integral Relationship coach and Death Doula.  She's worked with women to find their own healing path and practices since 2015.


Her personal journey with Tantra work empowered her to leave an unhealthy marriage by connecting her to self - allowing her to rediscover her truth and divine feminine within.  Since birthing Earth Tantra in 2016, Tara’s work has reached 1,000s of students. She's been featured in New York Times, Parade, Insider and more.  She's volunteered and presented with organizations like Loving More, Women's Wilderness, Women of Wisdom and others. 


Tara's connection to Greece & Turkey stem from both sides of the family.  Tara's paternal great grandparents immigrated from Crete in 1905 to the US.  Her maternal great grandfather is from Armenia/ western Turkish regions.

About Your Guide Nilgün Barut

Founder of Kendim İçin

Nilgün is a certified yoga instructor and breath coach.  She is a true nature lover and strong advocate of the rights of existence for all loving beings.  Years ago,  her search for spiritual development and self actualization opened the door for a series of multiple trainings in awakening, meditation, family constellation, recall healing and more.  In 2020 she became a shadow work facilitator. Nilgün  guides women to recall and gain back their birth right power and actualize their intended potential in life. 


Today  Nilgün stands with a strong professional career in the area of HR in an international global giant.  As she still continues her professional corporate career part-time, she hold the intention to touch the hearts of people she interacts with at the workplace daily.    At this stage of her life, leading and working in a corporate world with a spiritual perspective is the driver of her motivation on the professional side.

Nilgün's maternal ancestors migrated from the Balkans, Greece and Bulgaria around the 1900's as Ottoman borders narrowed.  Her material great grandmother is from Thessaloniki, and Nilgün dedicates this retreat to all of her ancestors but mainly to Hayriye (her great grandmother) who arrived in Istanbul at he age of 12 with a small handbag, two title deed documents.


 Nilgün lives in the suburbs of Izmir, Turkey.  She lives in her house with two sons, a garden and two dogs.  Growing food is an important part of Nilgün's healthy nourishment in life.

COMMON QUESTIONS - More coming soon!
How many women will attend?
Approximately 8 to 14
What if I want to see the country and tourist sites?
Please make arrangements either before or after the retreat to do this.   This is not an adventure retreat.  Our purpose is to intentionally connect, call in ancient wisdom, heal and expand our life's path in a safe container without people coming and going throughout the retreat.  There are AMAZING sites to see in this region of the world.  We recommend you arrive 3 to 7 days before or after to soak in multiple beautiful locations and energy.  Thank you for respecting the safe container and co-created energy of our purpose.  Yes, we plan to visit a small local beach on Crete, visit a bee farm and pray to a sacred earth opening cave near Armonia.  Turkish outings are still in the works.
Can you still attend and not be of Greek or Turkish heritage?
Yes, absolutely.  If you feel a call to connect with this region on any level, you are welcome.  Your desire to attend could be due to a soul connection, energetic/ alignment pull, a past life, the Goddess within, etc.  Please drop into your heart space and trust what message you are feeling.  Allow your body and soul to guide you here.
What if I'm a little uncomfortable? 
 Each practice and session is always presented with options to adapt to each person's comfort level.  Comfort is a priority and we grow upon each practice step by step to ensure an introduction for deeper work.
What can I bring? 
 Comfortable warm and hot weather clothing, white ceremonial clothing, Goddess Ceremonial clothing, sarong, swim suit AND one meaningful item (quote or poem) to share on our alter - you will receive the item back.   A more detailed list will be e-mailed out a few of weeks before the retreat.
What about transportation and airport transfers?  IMPORTANT

Coming soon!




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