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The Green Spiral


Spirals represent similar and different meanings for a variety of ancient cultures.  This sacred geometric shape was honored and used for guidance from the ancient times of Celtics, Egyptians, Greeks, North American Tribes, Amazonian Regions, Australian Communities, Asia AND ALL parts of the world.    


This is evident from the remains found on petroglyphs (carved or painted rock), metal war shields, jewelry, tombs, vestments, sacred land spaces, meditation labyrinths, artwork and more.   Spirals can also be found organically formed in nature.  Take a moment to reflect on the share found in snails, plants, tornadoes, whirlpool water ways, ram horns/ big horned sheep and those capturing twisty tree trunks.


Some believe the spiral is the pathway we take inward to truly know who we are and live a more centered life.  From that journey, we return back and forth with more power and wisdom for an expansion of consciousness.  Other cultures refer to the spiral as cosmic connections, fertility/ womb, serpents - shedding layers for rebirth, balance or direction.  

No matter what the spiral means to you as an individual, it's a truly important symbol of ancient and modern times.  

Earth Tantra believes spiral is all encompassing.  We specifically refer to the spiral as our journey of moving inward and back out to become more centered and consciously aware of wisdom as we continue to reach our highest self.   Just like a spiral, Tantra is a pathway to become a more consciously connected person.  There are times in our life we are ready to drop within and receive...then perhaps we are ready to go back out into our community or world and apply our wisdom... the move back and and out as we grow and expand. 


If you'd like to learn the specific Story Behind The Green Spiral, use of the color green, 4 directions and it's imperfections, you are invited to click on the short video below and understand it's deeper meaning.

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