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Group Retreats
Earth Tantra provides deep and life changing group & private retreat for individuals, women and couples.

What makes Earth Tantra different from other Tantric Retreats?  Earth Tantra's retreats are small safe intimate groups of 5 to 14 people to weave in an authentic family feel.
  Quality over quantity is important to Earth Tantra.  All of our retreats take place outside large city vibrations and in nature.  We acknowledge city vibrations affect our energy greatly.  Our locations vary from outdoor based resorts to full camping outdoors for earthing, grounding (different from earthing) and nature healing opportunities.

"We are leaving Sensual Souls beginning a whole  new Chapter in our relationship.  We especially love the Pujas and tantric breath work  practices to create sacred energy exchange" 

2024 Couple

2019.07.13 ETRL2-107.jpg

"A profound discovery unfolded during ETR1 (Earth Tantra Retreat Level 1).  I learned how to leave my mind, drop into my sacred space and bring nature fully into consciousness and then how to draw energy from that” - Summer 2017 Student

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