Ceremonies & Rites of Passage


Wedding, Handfasting & More

Are you a couple looking for a nature based wedding officiant?  Tara has been officiating weddings for over 5 years and offers both legal and non-registered wedding, handfasting, renewal of vows and commitment ceremonies. We will work together to create a beautifully crafted conscious experience from your preferred spiritual connections, religious backgrounds and traditions. Tara supports all genders, sexuality, couples, poly/open relationships and more in this beautiful journey of love forward.  Tara's area of specialty includes nature based ceremonies, but also holds space mindfully for other customs & religious traditions.   Add in options can include yoga, extra pre-ceremony marriage meetings/ sessions, meditation, breath work and smudging. Tara is available to travel outside Delta County for additional fees.  Book a 30 minute complimentary session to see if Tara is the right officiant for your special passage in partnership/s.

Investment:  Basic package begins at $125.00  

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Red Tent Rite of Passage

Are you looking to connect with your femininity in a rite of passage?  Do you identify as female?  Honoring your femininity, whether you just began your bleeding cycle, are menopausal or have never blend, in a Red Tent is considered a rite of passage in some circles and a time to celebrate and honor our cycles with mother moon.  Earth Tantra offers monthly community New Moon Red Tents May - Sept at Earth Tantra Outdoor Retreat Center in Ouray, Colorado, as well as prearranged private Red Tent events.   To see if a Red Tent is  right for you, or a loved one, book a 30 minute complimentary session with Tara now.

Red Tent Events:  $35 (with additional camping option)  Private Red Tent:  Basic package starts at $125.00 


House & Business Smudging

Feeling like your new home, new business location or well lived in house needs an energetic blessing and renewal?  A house blessing is typically offered soon after a new move, a remodel, new addition, or after a physical or emotional transition has taken place in the house.  House blessings are also common during the holidays or new year.  Benefits include establishing a new rooted energy, generate space for conscious choices, reground energetic chaos, leaving illnesses, increase positive energy flow, create a nurturing clean & cozy happy vibe, uplift sadness or loss and welcoming in a new family member into the home.  Book a complimentary time with Tara to learn more. 


Investment:  Basic Package begins at $59 for Ouray & Ridgway locations *includes smudgestick


Family & Adoption Ceremony

As you welcome a new family member into the family, weaving in a very special rite of passage to include a more conscious celebration outside the court system can personalize any new beginnings.  For adopted families - Tara has a unique care with this offering as her daughter was adopted and she worked in the Adoption field for years in post adoption support.  Book a 30 minute complimentary discovery session now to see if Tara is the right guide for you in your special family day or new beginnings.


Investment:  Begins at ONLY $49 - includes a hand crafted smudge stick hand picked and wrapped by Tara.  $39 in service trade is available for families in financial need AND Tara will wave any travel fee for combining travel with her pre-planned trips to Silverton, Montrose, Telluride, Olathe, Delta and Grand Junction areas - as she travels to these locations every several weeks.  Anything beyond can be customized for an additional fee. 

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