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New Moon Red Tent Ceremonies

Red Tent

Earth Tantra Outdoor Center & Farm Stay - Delta, CO

 Do you identify as female?

Desiring to connect with your ancestral feminine energy in sacred sisterhood?

Gather with us in gratitude for very special EARTH Based Red Tent ceremonies and leave feeling rejuvenated, rested, connected and inspired with your feminine divine power.

For Ages 11 - 111 *Under 18 must attend with a female identifying adult.

2023 Dates

Tues/ April 18th:  6 - 8:30pm - 6 spaces

Thur/ May 18th:  6-9pm - 9 spaces

Sat/ June 3rd:  3-9pm  (SPECIAL FULL MOON WHITE TENT) - 16 spaces/ all genders welcome

Sun/ July 16th:  6-9pm - 9 spaces

Tues/ Aug 15th:  6-9pm - 9 spaces

Thur/ Sept 14th:  6-9pm - 9 spaces

*$40 per person OR sign up with a friend & save - $66 for 2*

Non-refundable sign up fee:  $20/$33

Includes potluck dinner & most ceremony supplies

Balance due upon arrival.  If you can't make it last minute, you an apply the sign up fee toward a future event.

Add on overnight options begin in June  

$25 per person (your own tent, camper vehicle or hammock) No shower access.

$62 Queen bed in private bedroom. Limited indoor shower available after Red Tent Ceremony or next morning.  Share bed with a friend for no addt. cost.

*Includes morning coffee or tea and breakfast snack.  Check Out is 9:30am


Join us in a sacred ancient ritual and gathering on a beautiful private soon to be lavender farm to connect with mother earth, circle with other women and embrace your divine feminine energy.  During ceremony we will enter the womb (tipi) and practice ancient sisterhood traditions of earthing, intention setting, rest, care for each other, personal growth, stories, laughter, reflection, nurture, tears & fun. 


Each Red Tent has a special theme explained below.


Did you know some women simply weep in Red Tent because they've found a ritual  and safe space to embody, express and just be themselves?

Full Moon White Tent.jpg

Attend many or one. Red Tents typically sell out, so sign up now.  
Spring Red Tents limited to 6 seats.  Summer Red Tents limited to 9/ white tent limited to 16

Spring April 18th Red Tent:  Theme 

This New Moon is in Aries and we will connect with fire through fire breath & the flame of our ancestors.  As always, we will set new moon intentions, drop in and slow down.  For this theme, please bring an altar item representing an ancient ancestor.  We will be indoors for this micro Red Tent gathering (only 6 spots available).


Summer May 18th Red Tent:  Theme Earth Weavers

During this dark moon we will connect with the element of earth in honor of Taurus.  Bring 1 measured cup of earth (soil, sand, rock) from your home or other land nearby dear to you as an Earth Tender.  We will be OUTDOORS for this ceremony.  As always, we will set new moon intentions, drop in and slow down. Bring an extra blanket/layers, as evenings are still chilly.  

June White Tent, themes and more coming soon!


An email will be sent 4 to 7 days prior.


Private farm address given at registration and texted day of event.

Please arrive wearing ceremonial clothing in red (or pink/purple) to represent our moon cycle, unless noted (like full moon white tent)  Unsure of what to wear?  Look at the pictures above.

Don't forget your PRE- MADE ready to serve dish to share for our potluck.  Bring your own plate/ eating utensils or use one of our paper/ bamboo ones. Consider bringing something gluten, dairy free and/or vegan.  Don't forget your water bottle. 

An item of meaning to place on our ceremonial altar and to set your new moon intention (poem, crystal, charm, etc) - you'll receive this item back.

OVERNIGHT OPTIONS - IMPORTANT: Please arrive 30 min before to set up your tent or check into your room with house welcome.  We will not have time to set up once we get started.

Optional:  Headlamp, bring your own blanket/ pillow. There is only 1 cushion per person.

All other ceremonial supplies will be provided unless noted.

You are invited to reach out to Tara with any questions. or 720.597.0320 or Schedule a Free Discovery Session Below.

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