New Moon Red Tent Ceremony
-2021 Summer Dates-
May9th, June 9th, July 10th & Aug 7th


Earth Tantra Outdoor Retreat Center - Ouray, CO

 Do you identify as female and desiring to root with your femininity?

Feeling a call to immerse into an ancestral sisterhood rite of passage?

Gather with us in gratitude for very special EARTH Based Red Tent ceremonies to rejuvenate, rest, connect with your feminine divine & power within while we celebrate in sacred ceremony.



$35 per person OR $60 for two

Only additional $20 for optional camping (your own tent, 4WD car or hammock)

$10/$20 non-refundable sign up fee to save your place. Balance due at arrival of event in cash, facebook pay or paypal.


July 2021 Circle
July 2021 Circle

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Sacred Yoni Art
Sacred Yoni Art

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July 2021 Circle
July 2021 Circle

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Join us in a sacred ancient ritual and gathering surrounded by majestic mountains to connect with mother earth, circle with other women and embrace your divine feminine energy.  During ceremony we will enter the womb (tipi) and practice ancient sisterhood traditions of earthing, intention setting, rest, care for each other, personal growth, stories, laughter, reflection, nurture, tears & fun. 


Each Red Tent has a special theme explained below.


Did you know some women simply weep in Red Tent because they've found a ritual in which they've finally found a safe place to embody, express and just be themselves?

Attend many or one. Red Tents sell out (seriously), so sign up now.  All spaces limited to 9 participants.  All are $35
August 7th/ Sat 5:30-9:15pm:  Honor the new moon in Leo with Fire!  Spend time in relationship to fire in ritual, story, chanting, drumming and movement to light the fire within!  Fire (a masculine element) has much to teach us - let's listen.  The movement circle will take place outside after time inside the tipi womb (weather permitting).  Potluck dinner.  You're welcome to bring a drum, rattle, etc - we have some to share, if you don't have one. *Standard to bring list - scroll down 


COVID19:  Masks in the tipi are optional according to Ouray County and Colorado state ordinances.  We will be outside for the welcome, pot luck dinner and meditation before entering the tipi for ceremony.  Do not attend if you are experiencing covid19 related symptoms - your $10 can be applied toward another Earth Tantra event.

Very Important:  Only 4WD/ AWD Vehicles can drive up to the retreat center due to the steep road.  HOWEVER, we will carpool from the meeting point parking area.  Please arrive on time because we can not make the 10 minute drive back down through locked gates for late arrivals.  Better to arrive early.  Pre-arrange with Tara to arrive an hour early if you are tenting to set up your tent.

Please arrive wearing ceremonial clothing in red (or pink/purple) to represent our moon cycle, unless noted in the May & September Ceremonies.  Unsure of what to wear?  Look at the pictures above.

Don't forget your PRE- MADE dish to share for our potluck.  Bring your own plate/ eating utensils or use one of our paper/ bamboo ones. Consider bringing something gluten dairy free and/or vegan.

1-2 Water bottles full of water, we don't have running water on site.  Hand washing station provided.

An item of meaning to place on our ceremonial altar and to set your new moon intention (poem, crystal, charm, etc) - you'll receive this item back.

Overnight accommodation is camping - provide your own tent or 4WD car.  Hot tea or coffee provided in morning at 8am.  10am latest for rides down to bottom.  IMPORTANT: You can arrive an hour before we are expected to meet to set up your tent, as we won't have much time to set up a tent before ceremony.  Set this up with Tara at least 1 DAY before the event.  

Bring your own blankets, pillows and extra warm layers.  There is only 1 cushion per person.

1 flashlight or headlamp - the sky is dark on the new moon and the terrain is not flat.

All other ceremonial supplies will be provided unless noted in May, July & August

You are invited to reach out to Tara with any questions. or 720.597.0320 or Schedule a Free Discovery Session Below.