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Earth Tantra Retreat Level 3



Returning 2023 - we are taking an ETR3 break this year as we shift to Delta, CO

Earth Tantra Outdoor Retreat Center
*Limited to 6 People/ 0 Spaces Remain*
Prerequisite: ETR Level 2

Join Tara, and a small intimate group, as we gather for Earth Tantra Retreat Level 3. 

Unlock the powers you were born with to combine both your primordial and light
energies as we journey in deep ritual weaving Tao, Native American & Buddhist earth to heaven expansion practices.   We will also expand upon practices learned in Earth Tantra Retreat Level 1 AND 2 by adding on the CROWN Chakra for a full spectrum of moving energy with the great divine.

Life Long Spiritual Practice Investment:  $449

Non-refundable sign up fee = $100/Remaining balance due day of event in CASH OR CREDIT CARD (no checks).

Processing fee is applied toward balance and can be applied toward other services if you can't make it last minute.



Two kitchen service trade are open to save $100 each (inquire with Tara first)

$249 off for a professional (or near professional) photographer to help take 8 to 10 pics (inquire with Tara first)

$449 - Sleep in your tent or 4WD vehicle

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2020.08 earth tantra retreats-1

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COVID19 RESPONSE & SPACE HOLDING:   As of May 14, 2021 - Masks are optional outside and inside the tipi - following Ouray County and Colorado State Guidelines.  Please do not attend if you are experiencing covid19 symptoms.

Who? For anyone 18-118 years who's completed Earth Tantra Level 2 Retreat with Naked Earth Tantra.  This retreat is intended for individuals, but couples who completed Earth Tantra Retreat Level 2 are also welcome. 


What? Grow your personal practice along the Tantric path through meditation, ritual, primordial AND light energy, cellular healing, sexual actualization & transformation and more.  ETR3 combines traditional practices in Tao with supporting Native American and Buddhist rituals. - the focus is to open the pathway of light for a connection of higher self and what the body is capable of moving and healing.  

During retreat we will:

  • Take time to earth and deepen our connection within and beyond on your own for approx. 14 hours of silent meditation practices and root to crown Chakra breath and opening.

  • Learn, explore and unlock self healing on a CELLULAR level - nourish your organs and body from both sexual and light energy

  • Transform sexual energy into creative power

  • Learn and practice advanced breath work

  • Honor specially selected deities and embody their qualities and lessons to be our guide during the long weekend journey

  • Be honored by Tara as you experience a special rite of passage ceremony.



When?  Thursday, July 28 - August 1st, 2021 . Arrive at 1pm ONLY.  We will car pool up to the retreat center.  Folks with non-4WD vehicles will car pool up with gear.  We will begin soon after everyone has set up their tent space.

Where?   We will gather at the Earth Tantra Retreat Center, a private stunning outdoor mountain sanctuary, above Ouray, Colorado.  The retreat space is next to Tara's private living space.  Shared outdoor toilets, kitchen, community spaces, meditation nooks, incredible mountain and valley views, and much more surrounds the space and is provided.  What isn't provided is an outdoor shower due to water being hauled in.  However, plenty of baby wipes are available AND Orvis Hot Springs or Ouray Hot Springs are 8 miles away if you need to soak & shower on your way home.   The address and directions will be sent to you closer to the retreat.  4WD is required for access, but a cool pool will be arranged for those without 4WD.  There are plenty of parking spaces at the retreat space.


Why?  Sometimes in life we feel prepared to grow into our higher self through expanding our Tantric pathway of unlocking the secrets to transformation. Grow your Tantric practices after Earth Tantra Retreat Level 2 and explore the power of energy for healing AND enlightening .    

Included? 3 nights stay at upon sacred healing grounds  with inspirational mountain peak and cliff views, use of retreat center facilities, ALL meals are included (with the first meal being a potluck dinner)  and Naked Earth Tantra covers all dietary needs (gluten free, protein, vegan options, allergies, etc), light snacks, drinks (coffee/tea/water/etc), late night delectables, ceremony & activity supplies, bonding with adults of ALL types of uniqueness, a deeper sense of self, new friendships and learn practices and skills that will last you a life time.
We will be sharing outdoor living, kitchen & bathroom space.  A detailed "to bring list" and retreat schedule will be e-mailed to you about before we gather.  
Be prepared to bring clothing for temperatures ranging from 40 to 85 degrees. Rain and shine.
Each person is asked to bring 1 potluck item for the first meal during silent meditation, ceremonial clothing of WHITE another ceremonial dress of your choice - your own drinking vessels of water bottle and mug.
It's short walk downhill into the retreat space.  Some spaces are close to the parking lot where others are down a steeper incline. Please plan your gear, luggage/backpacks accordingly.  You'll be able to make trips back to your vehicle to bring your items down before we start, but the hike in can be difficult for some not used to uneven ground.
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