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Earth Tantra Retreat Level 3



August 3-6th, 2023
Raven Wild Farm, Delta, CO

*Limited to 6 People*
Prerequisite: ETR Level 2

Join Tara, and a small intimate group, as we gather for Earth Tantra Retreat Level 3. 

Unlock the powers you were born with to combine both your primordial and light
energies as we journey in deep ritual weaving Tao, Native American & Buddhist earth to heaven expansion practices.   We will also expand upon practices learned in Earth Tantra Retreat Level 1 AND 2 by adding on the CROWN Chakra for a full spectrum of moving energy with the great divine.

Life Long Spiritual Practice Investment: 

Early Bird: $444 (camp/ car) - $666 (private indoor queen bedroom)

Add $70 to each beginning 6.1.23

Non-refundable hold my place/sign up fee = $100 - $210 toward total investment

(If you can't make it last minute sign up fee can be applied toward future events) 

SAVE MONEY AND SERVE!!!  Inquire W/ Tara 1st

ISO Semi to Pro Photographer (8-10 pics) Save $244/ Easy kitchen help:  Save $100 

Payments are as follows​
  •  $100, $200 or $210 non-refundable sign up fee 
  • Remaining balance  due day of event in cash, zelle or credit card

Retreat  Options/ Add $70 starting May 1st

  • $444 - 1 tent spot - no hook ups/ outdoor facilities

  • $444 - 1 car/or small camper-no hookups/ outdoor facilities

  • $622 - Blue private queen small bedroom - shared bath​

  • $666 - Large Mesa View private queen bedroom w/ desk - shared bath

  • *Friends and couples are asked to sleep separate the first night during silent meditation.  Want to share a bedroom w/ a friend or partner?  Add the 2nd person for $444​ 

  • Rent a tent + bag?  Inquire with Tara for special arrangements ($535)


Who? For anyone 18-118 years who's completed Earth Tantra Level 2 Retreat with Earth Tantra.  This retreat is intended for individuals, but couples who completed Earth Tantra Retreat Level 2 are also welcome. 


What? Grow your personal practice along the Tantric path through meditation, ritual, primordial AND light energy, cellular healing, sexual actualization & transformation and more.  ETR3 combines traditional practices in Tao with supporting Native American and Buddhist rituals. - the focus is to open the pathway of light for a connection of higher self and what the body is capable of moving and healing.  

During retreat we will:

  • Take time to earth and deepen our connection within and beyond on your own for approx. 14 hours of silent meditation practices and root to crown Chakra breath and opening.

  • Learn, explore and unlock self healing on a CELLULAR level - nourish your organs and body from both sexual and light energy

  • Transform sexual energy into creative power

  • Learn and practice advanced breath work

  • Honor specially selected deities and embody their qualities and lessons to be our guide during the long weekend journey

  • Be honored by Tara as you experience a special rite of passage ceremony.



When?  Thursday, August 3rd . Arrive between 1 and 2pm.  No later or earlier please.

Why?  Sometimes in life we feel prepared to grow into our higher self through expanding our Tantric pathway of unlocking the secrets to transformation. Grow your Tantric practices after Earth Tantra Retreat Level 2 and explore the power of energy for healing AND enlightening.

The Space?   We will gather on the 8 beautiful private acres at Earth Tantra Outdoor Center & Raven Wild farm stay in Delta, Colorado.  We recognize and honor this space as land of the Native American Utes.  There are stunning views of the Grand Mesa to the north and Elk Mountains to the east (distance).  The property is 5,200ft in elevation - high desert.  The land shares a beautiful blend of grand cottonwood, elm and other trees (crabapple, maple, etc) with an open field, small pond, rabbit brush and micro private spaces for privacy.  The community space has multiple spots with hammocks, an outdoor kitchen, eating patio and lounge area, outdoor circle (partly shaded), ceremonial tipi, peace pole and more.  We share the land with dozens of variety of birds, native and local plants, chickens and 2 dogs.  Students are welcome to take a hike along our 1/4 mile hiking trail to the bottom of the property.  We do not have bears or mountain lions but other critters like fox & racoon.  The land calls to support others in their healing and spiritual journey.  Many people can feel the vibration and kindness of the land.

Included?  3 nights stay at upon sacred healing grounds, use of retreat center facilities, all healthy meals, including a 1st night potluck dinner, Earth Tantra covers nearly dietary needs (gluten free, protein, vegan options, allergies, etc) - dietary needs are asked at sign up.  Also provided; light snacks, drinks (coffee/tea/water/etc), late night ceremony delectables, activity supplies, bonding with adults of ALL types of uniqueness, a deeper sense of self, new friendships and learn practices and skills that will last you a life time.  You'll also have access to our garage freezer and coolers to store your extra food if needed.

What's Not Included? 

  • Travel to and from Raven Wild Farm 

  • Your pre-made potluck item for the first dinner

  • Tent, sleeping bag/ pad and outdoor gear

  • Personal snacks to keep in your car or outdoor cooler & other personal items

What to bring?  A more detailed list will be sent out closer to the retreat.​​​

  • Premade potluck item (precut watermelon, chips/ salsa, hummus & baby carrots, gluten free crackers & cheese, etc)

  • Any ceremonial clothing that represents freedom and transition 

  • White Ceremonial clothing

  • Water bottle, tea/coffee mug

  • Comfortable clothing for meditation, sitting outside, cool & hot weather 

  • Tenters:  Your tent, sleeping bag & outdoor gear supplies (headlamp/ flashlight, etc)

  • Optional - extra outdoor blanket, cushion, etc


When should I arrive?  When are we finished?
Arrive between 1 and 2 pm only.  Please not before or after.  Allow extra driving time for weekend traffic in the mountains.  We will finish around 10:30am and will have time to pack and leave after.  Some people pack before breakfast the last morning and leave a few minutes after we are finished.  Check out time is noon latest.

What is the space like?
The retreat space takes place on 8 private acres on Tara's small farm, soon to be lavender farm.  We have chickens, incredible views of the Grand Mesa, old cottonwood trees, open field and lots of nooks for private silent meditation.  The space also has covered and exposed eating/ lounging options as well as a beautiful 20 foot ceremonial tipi.

Camping vs Indoor Room?
If you truly want to embody mother earth, we suggest camping.  If you are camping, we provide rustic outdoor options.  A place for a tent, car camping or small campers.  Hook ups are not available, however you'll be able to charge a phone.   Keep in mind, campers do not have access to indoor bathrooms due to our sensitive septic.  Outdoor porta-potties, hand washing station and drinking water is provided outdoors.  Outdoor showering is not provided, however if you'd like to rinse off for just a minute with no soap, you may do so with the hose in the designated area.

How many people will attend?
Approximately 4 to 6 students + sometimes an assistant w/ Tara

Is this retreat clothed? 
Yes, however there are private spaces where you may commune with mother earth w/o clothing.  We do need to be senstive as our neighbors are within sight on some areas of the property.

What if I'm a little uncomfortable? 

Each practice and session is always presented with options to adapt to each person's comfort level.  Comfort & trust is a priority and we grow upon each practice step by step for expansion.
Can I leave the retreat space to explore in town?

The intention is to stay at the retreat center.   The safe energy of group is broken when students come and go.  There is plenty of space to distance yourself or to walk and run on a dirt road and 8 acres.  If you'd like to explore town, we recommend to arrive early or stay after the retreat to site see. 

How is the weather?

Be prepared for 50's to 100's degrees this time of year, as we will be outside often. Prepare for rain. 
The site has a tipi, shaded areas, outdoor eating (some covered).
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