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Tantra 4 Couples

Evolve Love.  Deepen Connection.

Are you looking to ReRoot or ReBoot your relationship?
Curious about Tantra and the art of energy exchange?
Ready to learn new ways to love?

Join me, Tara, in an on-demand virtual course, as I guide you through an introduction to couple's Tantra. Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home for 6 hrs of 10 video sessions.

Tantra 4 Couples is presented in 10 video sessions lasting approximately 15 to 60 minutes a piece lasting about 6 hours.  The video links are only accessible to students taking the course through privacy and a password setting to access the course page. Tantra 4 Couples focuses on an introduction to Tantric practices for deepening and opening appreciation, love, energy exchange, relationship communication, playfulness and connecting through intimacy with a partner.  There are also some additional home practices assigned to explore a more organic connection to find your energy balance.
Course Sessions 
  • Session 1:   Welcome, Logistics & Invitations (30 min)
  • Session 2:  Setting Space & Opening Ceremony - Part A & B (30 min)
  • Session 3:  Accessing our Energy Centers & Basic Tantric Breath (60 min)
  • Session 4:  Belly to Belly & Breath (45 min)
  • Session 5:  Shakti & Shiva Energies - Combine w/Session 6 (15 min)
  • Session 6:  Sacred Conversations (45 min)
  • Session 7:  Energy & Breath Exchange Cont.  (45 min)
  • Session 8:  The Power of Touch & The Art of Giving/Receiving (75 min)
  • Session 9:  The 5 Love Languages (15 min )
  • Session 10:  Putting it all together & Closing Space (30 min)
*Times rounded to nearest quarter
**Keep In Mind - All videos are on an age restriction setting, so you may have to log onto your YouTube account OR create a youtube account to watch.
Relationship Investments/ Limited time pricing
$99.00 - Video Course Per Couple
$99.00 - Add On 2 Thirty Min Live Private Check In Sessions 
When Can I Start The Course?  Good news!  Because this is an on-demand course, the link and password are sent to you in an email right after making your purchase. The course is learn at your own pace, so you can begin and listen to as many or as little sessions as you'd like.   I suggest couples to set aside an entire weekend mini home retreat OR you can complete 1 to 3 a sessions per week.  Ideally, it's best to complete the course within a 1 to 5 week time. Otherwise, it's easy to lose the energy momentum over time.  
Who guides the course?  Me - Tara, founder of Earth Tantra.  I will be guiding and presenting all material, as well as connecting with you for private sessions.
What if I don't have a partner or we can't do the course in person?  If you don't have a partner, you can actualize a romantic partner with you.  This means the person is there in spirit and energy.  You can actualize a human or even a deity, which is a common Tantric practice.  If you need more help with this, I suggest adding on the $99 virtual check in sessions to connect with me for questions & support throughout the course.
Is this retreat clothed?  It's up to you!  The course is followed in the privacy of your own home.  You can choose to wear clothing or not.  There are a few homework assignments to try practices without clothing.  Please keep in mind, all check in sessions with Tara are clothed.
When does the course expire?  The course is good for a youtube life time.  Add on check ins with Tara expire after 1 year from your purchase date.
What if I'm a little uncomfortable?  Each practice and session is always presented with options to adapt to each person's comfort level.  Comfort is a priority and we grow upon each practice step by step to ensure a gentle introduction for deepening your connection with your partner.  There is always a choice to move energy for what feels best for you through the practice of #stopconnectlistentrust.
What supplies should we have on hand?
  • Pillows/ blankets
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • A phone or laptop to listen to each video.  YouTube App or access to YouTube
  • 1 to 2 meaningful items or more for your sacred space and/or altar - this will be introduced in session 2
  • A quiet space with little to no distractions also shared in session 2
  • Paper and 2 pencils/pens for Session 9
  • Optional altar items - to represent masculine & feminine energy, little sweets for fruit to eat during sessions, oracle cards, favorite stones or poem and other meaningful items to make your altar a mindful space.
Can we ask you questions if something arises? Yes,  I'm available for email questions.  Please only use email for this course and not text, IM, IG, etc - even if you already know me personally.  Thank you for honoring this request. If you have more than a few questions and/or need time to talk with me live, then I recommend purchasing the $99 add on package of 30 minute check in sessions.  Email:
What couples are saying about Earth Tantra's Couple Courses...
"Wow!  We really are leaving with new ways to love, honor and connect.  Thank you for these simple yet beautiful practices to weave into our relationship for continued expansion of our love" - March 2017 Couple
"In the 30 years we've been married, we still learned new things about each other AND how to bring Tantra into our home practice" - Dec 2018 couple
"We are leaving The Art of Loving with a deeper since of shared energy exchange through breath work and are excited to create more time together in ritual" - May 2019 Couple
Other questions?  E-mail Tara or book a 30 minute complimentary discovery session here.
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