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Earth Tantra Death Retreat/ Advanced


August 22-25th, 2024

*Prerequisite ETR2 OR Sensual Souls

death and rebirth

Earth Tantra Center @ Raven Wild Farm - Delta, CO
*Limited to Only 6 People*

Are you ready to become intimate in expanding your relationship with death?
Confused or not sure where to begin in welcoming death into your life?
Are you curious about how it might feel to let go of breath, body, earth, water, fire and air within to move without?
Be a part of a very sacred and intimate circle of family members who've grown and advanced with Earth Tantra, as we gather for Death Retreat (formerly ETR Level 4).    We will deepen our relationship with death, and life beyond earth as we know it, to reverse our practices of letting go of sacred elements and attachment to welcome in a new embodied wisdom.  We will also journey through earth based practices of a blend of  Buddhist, Taoist, Himalayan Tantric/ Kundalini and earth based perspectives, with room to celebrate other cultures and traditions.   Tara weaves in her knowledge of an earth based death doula with Earth Traditions and Himalayan Tantric Swami Rama and Mahavatar Babaji lineage studies.  This sacred embodied experience is best for students who are in an open head & heart space, and ready to expand their relationship with death.  This retreat is not intended to replace a therapy or counseling experience.



During retreat we will:

  • Take time for silent meditation to land, ground and center in the space, as well as reflect upon our relationship with death and rebirth.

  • Expand upon our knowledge of body & spirit relation to the elements and how they play a part in the journey of death

  • Honor the chakras and continue advancement of root 2 crown breath in advanced transformation breath

  • Take part as a direct participant (to be or to witness) in a death & dying ceremony

  • Expand on transformation breath practice and open our higher chakras through a blue lotus tea ceremony

  • Celebrate life in with rebirth and lightness

  • There are still a few things unfolding surrounding ritual and practice. I'll be sure to share, including a tentative itinerary, by July 15th.   Thank you for trusting the process


When?  Thursday, August 22-25th, 2024 . Arrive between 1 and 1:30pm  - please eat lunch before hand.  Set up your tent/camp bedroom space.  We will begin soon after everyone has set up their tent space - approx 2:30.  
The space:     We will gather on land of the Ute Native Americans in Delta, Co. Delta is the home of the Ute Council Tree and Confluence Park/ Fort.  The Earth Tantra Retreat Center & Farm Stay (soon to be lavender farm) is located on 8 acres of a private oasis with stunning views of the Grand Mesa to the north and Elk Mountains to the east (distance).  The property is 5,200ft in elevation - high desert.  The land shares a beautiful blend of grand cottonwood, elm and other trees (crabapple, maple, etc) with an open field, small pond, rabbit brush and micro private spaces for privacy.  The community space has multiple spots for hammocks, an outdoor kitchen, eating patio and lounge area, outdoor circle (partly shaded), ceremonial tipi and more.  We share the land with dozens of different birds, native and local plants, chickens and 2 dogs.  Students are welcome to take a hike along our 1/4 mile hiking trail to the bottom of the property.  There is easy access and level parking.  If you'd like to keep anything cool, you're welcome to keep a small to medium sized cooler under the entry stairs in the shade and in your car at night.  We do not have bears or mountain lions but other critters llike fox & racoon.
Tenters & campers:  Shared outdoor toilets (porta potties - sorry no showers), outdoor kitchen, eating patio/ lounge area, etc.  You will have access to drinking water and a hose (to use sparingly for washing face, etc).  There are multiple locations to pitch a tent with views of the grand mesa.
Private Queen Bedroom:  You'll have access to a shared bathroom with limited shower (thank you for respecting our sensitive septic system).  Each room has a small space for meditation/ yoga.  Linens are provided.  This is a smoke & shoe free house.  We ask that you keep the space tidy and strip the linens & sweep the floor before leaving.  Please plan

Included? 3 nights stay at upon sacred healing grounds  with inspirational mountain peak and cliff views, use of retreat center facilities, ALL meals are included (with the first meal being a potluck dinner)  and Naked Earth Tantra covers all dietary needs (gluten free, protein, vegan options, allergies, etc), light snacks, drinks (coffee/tea/water/etc), late night delectables, ceremony & activity supplies, bonding with adults of ALL types of uniqueness, a deeper sense of self, new friendships and learn practices and skills that will last you a life time.
We will be sharing outdoor living, kitchen & bathroom space.  A detailed "to bring list" and retreat schedule will be e-mailed to you about before we gather.  
Be prepared to bring clothing for temperatures ranging from 50 to 95 -  please be sure to remember your water bottle to stay cool and hydrated.
Each person is asked to bring 1 potluck item for the first meal during silent meditation, white & red ceremonial wear, an item for the altar space, extra cushion or blanket to sit on/ yoga mat/ etc.
More to come!
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