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Earth Tantra Death Retreat/ Advanced


August 22-25th, 2024

*Prerequisite ETR2 OR Sensual Souls


Earth Tantra Center @ Raven Wild Farm - Delta, CO
*1 Last Spot Left*
This retreat sells out and expected to sell out again.  Be sure to register asap.  

Have you completed ETR2 or Sensual Souls advanced Earth Tantra retreats?
Feeling the call to become intimate in your relationship with death?
Ready to embody liberation through the release of breath, body & elements toward wholeness?
Be a part of a very sacred and intimate circle of Earth Tantra family members who've grown and advanced with Earth Tantra, just like you.  Gather with us for Death Retreat (formerly ETR Level 4).    We will deepen our relationship with death, and life beyond earth as we know it, to reverse our practices of welcoming in the elements to letting go of.  We will learn to take steps in releasing attachment to welcome in a new embodied wisdom.  We will also journey through earth based practices of a blend of  Buddhist, Taoist, Himalayan Tantric/ Kundalini and earth based perspectives, with room to celebrate other cultures and traditions.   Tara weaves in her knowledge of an earth based death doula with Earth Traditions  and Himalayan Tantric Swami Rama & Mahavatar Babaji lineage studies.  This sacred embodied experience is best for students who are in an open head & heart space, and ready to expand their relationship with death.  This retreat is not intended to replace a therapy or counseling experience soon after loosing a loved one.

During Retreat We Will

  • Practice silent meditation to land, ground and center, revisit root to 3rd eye breath in the space, as well as reflect upon emptiness.  Silent meditation is based on true silent meditation where we release time, doing, reading, writing, etc - just as ETR1& ETR2

  • Disassemble our knowledge of body & spirit to release the elements (instead of bring in) and how they play a part in the journey of death

  • Advancement of full advanced tantric breath & transformational/ holotropic related breathwork

  • Reflect and learn about the taboos of death, as we prepare for our death & release ceremony

  • Take part as a direct participant (to be or to witness) in a death & dying ceremony

  • Spiral with a blue lotus tea in ceremony to open higher alignments

  • Celebrate life in rebirth and wholeness

  • Leave with a better intimacy, appreciation and relationship with death

  • This retreat slightly varies group to group, so the above and below may slightly shift.  Thank you for trusting the process

  • An itinerary and list of what to bring will be available by May

For Who?  Any adult who completed ETR2 or Couples Sensual Souls retreat and are ready to explore and welcome death experience into their practice, while looking toward the rebirthing of light.  Earth Tantra students ready to co-create a sacred healing circle for the entirety of the retreat.  This retreat is inclusive to staying on the property for the entire retreat time, same as ETR1 & ETR2.  This creates a safe deep healing circle.  Thank you for respecting the process.  Any tourist time or errands can be done before or after the retreat.

Why?  Sometimes in our spiritual journey the heart string of wholeness in life greets us, including the shadows of death.  Western society often times shys away from the clarity of death passage to protect the living and loss.  Exploring all sides of death - is a normal curiosity and crossing.  This space welcomes curiosities, fears and joys of this passage into the unknown and known.

When?  Arrive between 1pm and 2pm Thursday.  No later or no earlier please.   We will end around 10:30am Sunday.  An itinerary will be available in May.  Typical ETR1, ETR2 & Sensual Souls style.  2 hr sessions, in the morning, afternoon and evening. Breaks to process, meditate, move and socialize are available in between.

The Space?   We will gather on the 8 beautiful private acres at Earth Tantra Outdoor Center & Raven Wild farm stay in Delta, Colorado.  We recognize and honor this space as land of the Native American Utes.  There are stunning views of the Grand Mesa to the north and Elk Mountains to the east (distance).  The property is 5,200ft in elevation - high desert.  The land shares a beautiful blend of grand cottonwood, elm and other trees (crabapple, maple, etc) with an open field, small pond, rabbit brush and micro private spaces for privacy.  The community space has multiple spots with hammocks, an outdoor kitchen, eating patio, wood deck with lounge area, outdoor circle (partly shaded), 4 bee hives (they stay to themselves), fire and dance space, ceremonial tipi, peace pole and more.  We share the land with dozens of variety of birds, native and local plants, 20 chickens, multiple bee hives, 2 outdoor cats and 2 dogs.  Students are welcome to take a hike along our 1/4 mile hiking trail to the bottom of the property.  We do not have bears or mountain lions but other critters like fox & racoon.  The land calls to support others in their healing and spiritual journey.  Many people can feel the vibration and kindness of the land, as well as grandfather's protection.  

Includes all of the above and....​​​

  • 1 hour pre-retreat welcome circle for introductions, refresher and questions in May. This is recorded and shared. Day/ Time TBD in April

  • 8 delicious healthy meals & tons snacks to meet all needs - dietary questionnaire is provided at check out

  • Most ceremonial supplies  & ceremonial Blue Lotus

  • Your choice of tent spot, camper vehicle spot or indoor private bedroom

  • Ceremonial Tipi, access to multiple meditation spaces, outdoor community spaces + more

  • 1st Night Potluck Dinner Thursday night - Sunday breakfast, coffee, snacks & tea

  • Drinking water, hand washing water, etc

  • Meditation cushion in tipi

  • Tent & vehicle camping doesn't offer electric or hook ups. . Porta potty bathroom, drinking water & hand washing station are included.  Outdoor shower is available for tenting.

  • Group garage freezer to store ice packs, water bottles, etc.

  • First aid, sunscreen, bug sprays (chemical and herbal)

What's Not Included? 

  • Travel to and from Raven Wild Farm 

  • Your pre-made potluck item for the first dinner

  • Ceremonial clothing 

  • Tent, sleeping bag/ pad and outdoor gear

  • Personal snacks to keep in your car or outdoor cooler - only a freezer is available not refrigerator. 

What to bring?  ​​​

  • Premade potluck item (precut watermelon, chips/ salsa, hummus & baby carrots, gluten free crackers & cheese, etc)

  • Altar items (you'll receive this back)

  • White ceremonial clothing

  • Green or Blue (to represent breath or air) ceremonial clothing  

  • Water bottle and tea/coffee mug

  • Comfortable clothing for meditation, sitting outside, cool & hot weather (50 - 95 degrees)

  • Your tent, sleeping bag & outdoor gear supplies (headlamp/ flashlight, etc)

  • Cooler if you're bringing personal snacks

  • Anything else to make you feel comfortable


Life Long Spiritual Practice Investment: 

SAVE MONEY AND SERVE!!!  Inquire W/ Tara 1st

ISO Semi to Pro Photographer:  Save $299/ Easy kitchen help:  Save $100 

Payments are as follows​
  •  $165 (outdoor) or $250 (private bdrm) non-refundable sign up fee (fee can be applied toward any future Earth Tantra retreat or offering if you can't make it last minute)
  • Remaining balance  due day of event in cash, zelle or credit card


Retreat Options

  • $529 - Tent or small camper spot - no hook ups/ outdoor facilities (1 of 5 spots left)

  • $579 - Rent a Tent & Sleeping Bag (1 spot)

  • $679 - Small blue private queen room - shared bath (SOLD OUT)

  • $719 - Large Mesa View private queen & desk - shared bath (SOLD OUT)

  • *Friends and couples are asked to sleep separate the first night during silent meditation.  Most will bring a tent/ bag for the meditation night or car camp.  Want to share a bedroom w/ a friend or partner?  Add the 2nd person for tent spot price.  Couples - schedule a time to speak with Tara before signing up to make sure this is a good match for your relationship since this is not a couples focused retreat.

IMG_3051 1.jpg

What Students Are Saying about Death Retreat (Formally called ETR4)

"Leaving ETR4 I feel I learned and prepared for the process of disintegration and dissolution of the body" 2022 student

"Centering and gathering in all the threads of my life, and weaving them into a whole, leaves me feeling this is where I need to be"  2022 student

"Every Earth Tantra retreat is an opportunity for rebirthing. I can’t wait to take this retreat again"  2022 student

"This retreat was beautiful to me because we got to experiment with the death and dying process, which feels really good to play with.  It is also nice to normalize the feeling of death"  2022 student

When should I arrive?  When are we finished?
Arrive between Noon & 1pm only.  Please not before or after.  Allow extra driving time for weekend traffic in the mountains.  We will finish around 10:30am and will have time to pack and leave upon wake up and after 10:30am.
What is the space like?
Earth Tantra Center is located on 8 private acres on Tara's farm called Raven Wild Farm & soon to be a lavender and bee therapy center.  We have chickens, bees (they keep to themselves) small gardens, 2 small border heeler dogs, deer,
over 2 dozen different birds, incredible views of the Grand Mesa, wisdom filled cottonwood trees, and a variety of other trees, a tiny pond, open field, shaded hammocks and lots of nooks for private silent meditation.  The area has shaded and exposed eating/ lounging options as well as a beautiful 20 foot ceremonial tipi.  We are NOT a pet free home, however we are a shoeless, smokeless and low chemical home. NO perfumes inside house/ including scented lotions, etc - more natural soaps/ shampoos are provided. Thank you for respecting a home resident's chemical allergies.  
Camping vs Indoor Room?
If you truly want to embody mother earth, we suggest camping.  If you are camping, we provide rustic outdoor options.  A place for a tent, car camping or small campers.  Hook ups/ electric are not available, however you'll be able to charge a phone outdoors.   An outdoor enclosed shower and porta potty are provided (NEW for 2024).  Keep in mind, campers DO NOT have access to indoor bathrooms due to our sensitive septic.  Outdoor porta-potties and drinking water is provided.   Indoor private bedroom guests will be able to shower indoors and use the indoor bathroom.
How many people will attend?
Max 8 participants & Tara.  We keep our retreats intimate and small to create a trusting healing space for all people.  Large groups can inhibit the ability to connect with deep healing and can be overwhelming for some.  Spectrum folks, empaths, ADHDers and others appreciate the small group and family feel with Earth Tantra.
Is this retreat clothed? 
Yes, this retreat is clothed, however there might be opportunities to discard clothing in private locations for earthing practices.
What if I'm a little uncomfortable? 
 Each practice and session is always presented with options to adapt to each person's comfort level. 
Comfort & trust is a priority and we grow upon each practice step by step for expansion.
Can I commute or leave the retreat space to explore in town?
 The intention is to stay at the retreat center.   The safe energy of group is broken when students come and go.  There is plenty of space to distance yourself or to walk and run on a dirt road and 8 acres.  If you'd like to explore town, we recommend to arrive early or stay locally after the retreat to site see.  Please run ALL errands before arriving at the retreat.
How is the weather?
Be prepared for 50s to 90's degrees this time of year, as we will be outside.  Prepare for rain. 
The site has a tipi and shaded areas.
Keep in Mind.....
We do not integrate time for touristing during the retreat.  The center is a rustic and primitive outdoor retreat center, be prepared for primitive camping conditions if you are camping (porta potty, outdoor shower, hand washing station & drinking water only).  Indoor access is for indoor bedroom folks only - sorry.  Due to our sensitive septic and space, campers will remain outside in nature.
What about transportation and airport transfers?  

Montrose airport is 30 min away.  Grand Junction airport is 1 hr away.  Denver airport is 6+ hrs away.  UBER and shuttle vans don't run often as Delta is a very small town.  However, it's possible to arrange for a airport transfer with Sunshine Rides.  Car rentals are available at all airports. Tara will NOT be able to pick up students, however there are usually a few students driving through Montrose and Grand Junction to come to the retreat, but it's not guaranteed.​  Please reach out ASAP if you'll be flying in and are hoping for a ride in.


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