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Earth Tantra School


Are you....


Feeling the call to become a certified Tantra guide or teacher?

Or perhaps you're seeking a practitioner's certification?

Earth Tantra was born to support you in your journey of weaving earth based tantric practices into daily life.   The Earth Tantra family is made up of real people (techs, teachers, retirees, doctors, parents, yoga facilitators, fire fighters, etc), who've learned to weave tantra into real busy modern day lives.  We are a small intimate family that provides an authentic foundation of earth healing and tantra to help you expand life to its fullest. 


  Earth Tantra has shared courses & certifications since 2016.  Our courses are a unique tapestry of earth-based healing and Buddhist, Taoist and Himalayan Kundalini Tantric philosophies & practices.  As a former science teacher,  Tara often enjoys weaving in scientific based studies.  This unique perspective offers the gift of recognizing BOTH spirituality and science can support our learning pathway.    Sex training and asanas aren't a focus of our curriculum.  If you are looking for these practices, perhaps another program is right for you.  Or start with us and shift toward another program when ready to expand in these areas.  Earth Tantra focuses more on traditional tantric practices of meditation, breathwork, earth based healing, movement, shadow work, movement medicine, elemental wisdom, pleasures of life and more.


Not sure where to begin?  Consider one of the following....

1) Join us for an upcoming event   OR sign up for a course below

2) Schedule a time to meet with Tara in a link below to learn more

3) Take a look at our practitioner or 500 hr teacher cert programs shared at the end of this page

200 Hrs Practitioner Trainings &
500 Hr. Earth Tantra Teacher Cert. Program

75 - 300 Hr. 

Practitioner Training

* Choose Online Or In Person, Or Combo. 


*8 wk to 12 month program


*Practitioner training is for personal practice + growth.  It does not include a guiding/ teaching component. 


Limited Space.  Now accepting applications.

*Click below to learn more or schedule a time to talk with Tara.

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500 Hr. Teacher + Mentorship Certification 2-3 Year Course

* Both In Person + Online

* 2 - 3 year program since 2019

*500 Hr Teacher Certification is invitation only after taking a course or retreat with Earth Tantra first.  

*Limited Space.  Now accepting applications for 1 more student to begin in 2023.

*Interested in learning more?  Schedule a time to talk with Tara.

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Interested In Learning More? 
Schedule A Time With Tara Now

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