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Earth Tantra School

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Are you....


Feeling the call to become a certified Tantra guide or teacher?

Or perhaps you're seeking a practitioner's certification?

Earth Tantra was birthed to support you in your journey of weaving earth based tantric practices into everyday life while supporting a more aligned, connected and joyful you.  We believe Tantra is all of life, not just a place you go to experience.  The Earth Tantra family is made up of real people (techs, teachers, retirees, doctors, parents, yoga facilitators, fire fighters, etc), who've learned the arts of tantric weaving into everyday busy lives.  We are a small intimate family that provides an authentic foundation of earth healing and classic tantra to help you expand life to its fullest. 


  Earth Tantra School has shared courses & certifications since 2016.  Our courses are a unique tapestry of earth-based healing and Buddhist, Taoist and Himalayan Kundalini Tantric philosophies & practices.  As a former science teacher with a degree in Earth Science (Geology emphasis),  Tara enjoys weaving in scientific based studies as well.  This unique perspective offers the gift of recognizing BOTH spirituality and science can support our learning pathway.    Sex training, hands on healing and asanas aren't a focus of our curriculum.  If you are looking for these, perhaps another program is right for you.  However,  Earth Tantra shares some sacred sexuality practices in certain couples retreats and courses, especially womb healing for women.  Tara is happy to  recommend sex somatic healing work programs - just ask or schedule a discovery session.  Earth Tantra focuses more on classical  tantric practices of meditation, breathwork, earth based healing, becoming intimate with nature, shadow work, movement medicine, elemental wisdom, pleasure and more.


Not sure where to begin?  Consider one of the following....

1)  Check out the programs below.  Join us for our next book club here

2) Schedule a time to meet with Tara 

3) Apply to a program

4) Join an online course now listed at the end of the page

5) Ready to start your journey of embodying and guiding tantric breath through the chakra system, shadow work and elemental healing?  Sign up right nor for the 75 hr tantric breath guide and certification program.

6) *If you've attend a retreat or course in the past, any time or funds invested will be applied toward the 300 practitioner or 500 hr teacher certification course.

Practitioner and Guiding Certification Programs

100 Hr. Practitioner Training

Desiring A Foundational Tantric Practice?

  •  Not sure where to begin, but ready for guidance?  

  • Master tantric breathing, while exploring your shadows

  • Develop intimacy with mother earth.

  • !00% Online Training

  • ​6 - 12 month program​​

  • 1 on 1 sessions with Tara


  • Practitioner training only,  doesn't include a guiding or teacher track

  • $1,222 or 4 payments of $317  AND START TODAY!

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500 Hr. Teacher + Mentorship Certification 3 Year Program

  • Has spirit shown you your path is to guide others in healing with nature and transforming with Tantra?

  • This program was established in 2019

  • 3 year  program

  • Includes multiple group retreats, 1 on 1 private retreat and solo quest

  • Invitation only/ Limited Space.

  • Interested in learning more?  Schedule a time to talk with Tara

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300 Hr. Practitioner Training

Feeling The Call To Dive Deep?

  •  Establish a life long practice of Earth Based Tantra into every day life.  

  • Experience Tantra wholly in person and through online courses.

  • Be guided not only with Tara, but as part of the Earth Tantra family.

  • ​Practitioner training only, doesn't include a guiding or teacher track

  • 1 to 2 year program

  • Includes 3 retreats!

  • $3555 in full or 12 payments of $307.50​​

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 75 Hr. Tantric Breath Guide

2 Part 6-12 month Cert Course

  • Learn how to guide others in the foundational practices of tantric energy through breath, chakra work and elemental healing.

  • This offering was established 2016

  •  100% online

  •  6-12 month program

  • Starting at $634 or 6 payments of $124.45

  • 2 part teacher's training.  HL4C and OH3C+

  • Begin any time - just sign up
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