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 Coaching, Ceremonies for Individuals, Couples & Groups.

Desiring to learn how to ground & re-center in nature with breathwork, forest bathing, elemental healing or meditation?

Does past trauma hold you back?

Curious about reaching your higher self through Tantra?

Looking for a rite of passage?

Did You Know Earth Tantra Offers Custom....

  • Private Session Coaching

  • Private Retreats

  • Ceremonies & Rites of Passage/ Transitioning Into Age

  • Death Doula/ Death Midwife Services

  • Wedding & Handfasting

Practicing Tantra can be life transforming.  Tantra is all of life - birth to death.  The journey with Earth Tantra  isn't easy, and old or new wounds may surface.   Together we will create a safe container so your truth and vulnerability can be expressed for beginning a new pathway toward deeper levels of connection and self healing.

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