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Healing The Lower 4 Chakras
Mastering Tantric Breathwork Part 1
Journey Root 2 Heart

 This program is re-imagined & returning 11/11


Lower 4 Chakra & Basic Tantric Breath Pre-Recorded Master Course
-build the foundation for deep inner healing-


Learn to connect, move energy and master your chakra energy through tantric breathing root 2 heart.

Trust over FearCreativity & Sexuality, Focus+ ConfidenceLove & Gratitude

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Root = Earth / Sacral = Water Solar Plexus = Fire / Heart = Air

 Are you looking to master your body energy through inner healing?
 Ready to dive deep into chakra healing, breathwork & meditation?
Have you been curious about Tantra, but not sure where to begin?
Join a 6 week to 3 month journey in mastering energy movement & body connection through basic tantric breathing.  Sometimes we forget about our relationship to the body as we desire to be most connected with our higher self.  Yet, without the healing and opening of the lower 4 Chakras we will time and time again slip back into the trauma, shame, shadows & trauma held root to heart.  When we open these pathways, our health & energetic wellness begin to flourish. 
Learn to  "tap" into your body, leave your monkey mind to literally feel deep within to build a relationship with your energy centers. 
*Learn at your own pace - meaning you can move through the course material when the timing is best for you.  We highly recommend moving through each chakra within a 1 to 2 week period.  There is no expectation to be "perfect" within the practice OR to fully open a particular chakra.  Some chakras take months and months to connect with depending on the person.  By the time you reach the heart, the energy flow will make sense, as well as the practice.  After completely the course in it's entirety, Earth Tantra encourages you to go back to a chakra or two that could use more attention and nurture.  Course material is pre-recorded via youtube and a link is sent to you in an email after sign up.

Benefits of the course include:
Healing of shame, shadows and trauma held within our body
Knowing in how to move energy (including the most subtle)
Release of toxins & muddy energy
Deep relaxation & centeredness
Greater mindFULLness & balance
Increased inner peace
Expansion of consciousness
Great for folks with ADD (due to the MOVEMENT) of energy
Moving energy sexually
Reconnection after physical or emotional trauma
Helps reconnect to the body in menopause
*Body, chakra & breathwork can be intense both physical & emotional.  People who are able to dedicate 3 to 7 hrs of practice per week, find the course will completely shift their lives in body, mind & spirit connection.  If you find yourself desiring live support, I invite you to consider the private check in option.

Choose the package that calls you the most:

$359:  TEACHER CERTIFICATION  VIP 2 - 6 Month Learn At Your Own Pace Virtual Course Includes 
*FREE pdf copy of the Shadow Journaling with the lower 4 chakras
*Up to 5 thirty-minute private check in session with Tara (4 required)
*Putting it all together teaching practice in how to guide others (1.5 hr video)
1 full one-hour check in after listening to "putting it all together 1.5 hr teaching practice"
*Volunteer list for practicum.  You will guide at least one person from the special volunteer list before guiding someone you know.  This is done intentionally and explained why in the course.  Thank you for trusting and respecting this process.
*4 Hrs of practicum experience 
*Custom home practices/ assignments 
*Required timesheet to record hours
*3 page suggested guidance format (lesson plan sample)
*If you complete, and turn in the 35 hr timesheet and all requirements within 2-6 months from purchase date, you will receive a 35 hr teacher certificate.   Can't complete in 6 months?  Add on another 6 months for only $25 at the 6 month mark.

$199 :  VIP Learn At Your Own Pace Virtual Course Includes 
*All of the below AND....
*3 thirty-minute private check in sessions with Tara
*FREE pdf copy of the Shadow Journaling with the lower 4 chakras
*Personalized and custom guidance and suggestions to support your growth & healing  process

$99 BASIC:  Learn At Your Own Pace Virtual Course Includes
*Welcome video and how to best prepare
*5 pre-recorded (18-35 min) instructional/ guided meditation videos (1- 2 per week/ chakra) 
* Learn 1 chakra per week+ to develop deepened practice techniques for blockages and overactive energy.
* Additional supporting content on chakra elements, balance, crystals, vibration, body movement, food, colors etc.
* Learn the art of #stopconnectlistentrust
* Extra supporting material
* 5 part course to help bring self love/care, respiratory wellness, self awareness & balance back to your life

Add on pdf download shadow work journal for only $12.97  Or buy a hard copy here on amazon for $22

Recommended Regular,  and Teacher Certification Course Schedule
Week #1 - Welcome, Introduction to guided practice & supportive materials to Root Chakra
Week #2 - Introduction to guided practice & supportive materials to Sacral Chakra
Week #3 - Introduction, guided practice & supportive materials to Solar Plexus Chakra
Week #4 - Introduction, guided practice & supportive materials to Heart Chakra
Week #5 - Putting it all together Root To Hear and additional practices
Week #6-20 Teacher's certification program & practicum track

For VIP and Teacher Certification Programs we suggest scheduling the 1st check in during week 1 or 2, then as needed.

*There is flexibility in the above time frame.  Earth Tantra suggests to complete the course in 2-4 months.  If you wait much longer than 4 months, we've witnessed the energy flow decreases with students.  
**Both basic and teacher certification course are non-refundable because everything is recorded and good for the lifetime of youtube or Earth Tantra. 

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?  We suggest either attending Earth Tantra Retreat Level 1 to put your basic tantric breathwork practice to a retreat application And/Or continue onto Opening The Higher 3 Chakras.  The pre-requisite for Opening the Higher 3 Chakras/ Advance tantric breathing is Healing the lower 4, this course.



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