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Bring POSITIVE VIBES into your life & home with...
Hand Harvested & Consciously Created Smudge Sticks

Looking for ethically created and consciously uniquely blended smudge stick instead of from an unknown source at store?  Each Earth Tantra smudge stick is personally harvested, hand wrapped and tied with organic hemp by Tara L. Skubella, founder and guide of Earth Tantra.  Plants are organically grown gathered either from Tara's farm, Raven Wild Farm, or backcountry wilderness areas. 

Smudge sticks are traditionally used for...

  • Ceremony, ritual, meditation, prayer, intention setting  

  • Setting Space - clear or protect an energetic space (house, room, etc) 

  • New moon/full moon, clearing your own personal energy and 

  • Smudge sticks do not "heal" or fix our problems, but support us


Earth Tantra's smudge sticks are generously blended with the highest quality hand selected wild herbs harvested according to the time of day and/ or moon cycle.  All blends are seasonal as many of the plants grow only in the summer.   It also takes 1 full moon cycle (sometimes more) before they are dried ready to share.  .  Each smudge stick is unique and ranges in length from apprx 5 to 12 inches long and 2 to 6 inches round.  Bundles are priced accordingly to size and rarity of plant.  *Please note many of the flower colors fade as they dry, so colors will not be as bright as in the photos.

*Mullein Stalk smudge sticks are typically a little more because they burn better and longer.

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