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2 Tins of Mountain Mama Loose Smudge Blends

2 Tins of Mountain Mama Loose Smudge Blends


Double Happiness!  2 blends in 2 tins!  Gift yourself & a dear friend a beautiful blend of loose smudge herbs for your smudge collection.  Just light and burn in an airy space, on an ember/charcoal OR boil in a small pot of water on the stove.  Comes with 1 sample charcoal (or buy in the link below from amazon)




1 - Cute 4.2 oz tin with Earth Tantra logo sticker

1 - sample charcoal 

1 - one of a kind mixed loose smudge blend for clearing energy, grounding, blessings, intention setting, clarity and more.   Each tin is unique and different with the herb mix (mixes range from rose hip to juniper to lavender to mullein to sagewort to golden rod to mint to douglas fir and more).  To see a list of what fun mysteries could be in this mountain blend, download the plant herb list for free!


*Pink flint stone or feather featured in video is not included - we encourage you to find a safe metal buring dish, large burning stone or incense burner for the loose smudge.

  • No returns

    *Unless wrong product is delivered or damaged.  Please send Tara pictures of the defective product in your message.  

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