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Ready to begin or continue a transformational journey?

Are you a couple seeking to deepen your connection? 

Join the growing Earth Tantra Family!  Check out our upcoming events below and/or schedule a complementary discovery session now to learn how Tara can best support you along your journey.


Tara L. Skubella

Welcome!  I'm Tara L. Skubella, founder & guide of Earth Tantra.  I am an earthing meditation expert, level 4 certified Tantra guide, Death Doula and wilderness survivalist.  My truth is lived in harmony with mother earth.  I live in a nearly nearly off-grid tiny house on the side of a mountain outside Ouray, CO with my nesting partner, Darrin, and sweet pup, Nugget.  Being in nature, working in my garden, collecting medicinal herbs, roaming the mountains of Colorado and traveling all bring life into my body and soul.

I formally started guiding individuals, couples and teens (and families) through the practices of healing with nature and transforming with Tantra since 2015.  Earth Tantra was birthed in 2016 and she has grown in her short life with now reaching 1,000's of students.  

" I embrace the wild earth, wild femininity and wild passions that roam through my heart body and soul.  

It is my purpose and calling to guide others' to root and bare their souls in order connect with themselves

and others in an authentic and more intimate way" - Tara L. Skubella


"Tara’s style of guidance is intuitive and tailored to the vibe of each individual group.  She keeps things lively and adventurous, while provoking inner exploration and growth!"  - 2020 Student

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Ouray, Colorado & Beyond (Including International & Virtual)