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 Earth Tantra guides individuals and couples ready to deepen connection in body, mind & soul, through earth based healing and traditional Tantric practices (chakra work, elemental healing, meditation, breath work, authentic connections, ceremony, etc).  We are a supportive Tantric family who follow earth and intuition to grow truth & happiness.
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Tara L. Skubella

Welcome to Earth Tantra - where we Heal with Nature & Transform with Tantra!  I'm Tara L. Skubella, founder & guide of Earth Tantra.  I am an earthing meditation expert, level 4 certified Tantra guide, kundalini yoga instructor, Death Doula and wilderness survivalist.  My truth is lived in harmony with mother earth on a soon to be lavender farm in Delta, Colorado.  Earth Tantra also offers retreat space here for Earth Tantra family members working with me.

 In early 2015, after surviving 21 days living in a jungle while filming a television show called Naked & Afraid, I experienced a profound spiritual awakening. With little prior spiritual practices, I found myself leaving an unhealthy marriage and surrendering to the call of Tantra to follow my life's purpose.  After a year of deep study and practice, I felt ready to immerse into a Level 4 Tantra Teacher's Certification program in Thailand with Tribal Tantra.  Shortly after this, Earth Tantra was birthed July of 2016.  My purpose is to help others heal with nature and transform with Tantra.


"Tara’s style of guidance is intuitive and tailored to the vibe of each individual group.  She keeps things lively and adventurous, while provoking inner exploration and growth!"  - 2020 Student

Upcoming Events

  • Heart 2 Heart Couples Workshop
    Sat, Feb 12
    Dollhouse Studio
    Feb 12, 2:50 PM – 5:50 PM
    Dollhouse Studio, 223 N 1st St, Montrose, CO 81401, USA
    Deepen connection and love during a gentle introduction to Tantra workshop and Cacao Ceremony.
  • Moon Magic 5 Week Virtual Course
    Thu, Feb 24
    Virtual classroom, zoom & optional fb group
    Feb 24, 7:00 PM MST – Mar 31, 7:00 PM MDT
    Virtual classroom, zoom & optional fb group
    For any adult. Couples welcome to this session. Learn Moon Magic to connect, create and charge your life as you tap into moon's feminine cycles. Perfect timing for this period of reconnecting with self and nature appreciation. We will also explore sex magic (including solo).
  • Cacao Course + Ceremony & Training
    Mon, Feb 28
    3+ Sessions Zoom Course
    Feb 28, 7:00 PM MST – Mar 16, 12:00 PM MDT
    3+ Sessions Zoom Course
    Weave the knowledge of both ancient and modern spiritual practices of Mother Cacao as we dive into her sacred past, connect with present in heart & learn how to honor her into our future practices of body & spirit.
  • The Art Of Loving:  For All Couples
    Fri, May 13
    Chipeta Solar Springs Resort & Spa - CO
    May 13, 4:30 PM MDT – May 15, 10:30 AM MDT
    Chipeta Solar Springs Resort & Spa - CO, 304 S Lena St, Ridgway, CO 81432, USA
    Join us for a romantic weekend couples get-a-way and introduction to Tantra at Chipeta Solar Springs Resort & Spa Ridgway, Colorado to deepen love and intimacy in partnership.
  • The Art Of Loving Level 2
    Fri, May 20
    Chipeta Solar Springs Resort & Spa - CO
    May 20, 4:30 PM MDT – May 22, 4:30 PM MDT
    Chipeta Solar Springs Resort & Spa - CO, 304 S Lena St, Ridgway, CO 81432, USA
    Join us for a romantic weekend couples get away and raise your love and vibration with AND beyond the body in Level 2 (prerequisite Level 1)
  • Tantra 4 Couples Sign Up Anytime
    On Demand Learning
    Sign Up Anytime
    On Demand Learning
    Sign Up Anytime
    Learn the basic foundations of couples Tantra including, but not limited to basic Tantric breath, energy exchange, masculine/feminine energies, belly to belly intimacy and more to lay a grounded foundation for growing together in sensual connection and truth.