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Blue Lotus 15hr. Cert Course
The EYE of Dreamstate & Sacred Illumination

April 16, 17, 18 & 19th + 3 weeks practicum

Attend zoom calls @ 11am MST OR 7pm MST
4 Live & Recorded Zoom Consecutive Day Sessions 

+1 Additional Pre-Recorded Session

Investment $289.00





Are you an experienced space holder, yoga teacher, meditation, body/ energy worker or women's circle guide who feels called to share Blue Lotus's EYE of insight and wisdom, while honoring her sacredness in ceremony or circle?
Join us for an EYE  enlightenment high journey in history, culture (including the taboo), cultivation, medicinal benefits, euphoric vibration, ceremony and respect of ancient egyption peoples as we  become intimate with her as a plant medicine full of intimate delicacy.
Gather with Tara, Earthing Expert, Plant Essence Practitioner, Level 4 Tantra Guide, Blue Lotus and Cacao Ceremonial Facilitator since 2016,  for a journey into the mysteries of blue lotus as she opens our sacred spaces to receive her wisdom of illumination.

For Who?  Anyone ages 18 - 118 who is already an experienced space holder and has experienced Blue Lotus at least once before the course begins (tea, oils, evoking, etc).

Course Includes:   

  • Module #1:  Tuesday, April 16th, 11-12:30pm MST OR 7-8:30pm MST

    • Welcome, growth, ethical harvest, process and certification timesheet

    • Short Homework due

    • Schedule your 1st one on one check in with Tara

  • Module #2:  Wednesday, April 17th, 11-12:30pm MST OR 7-8:30pm MST
    • The indigenous peoples and history of, medicinal/ benefits, modern uses, forms & individual ceremony preparation​​ and honoring the ancient ones
    • Short homework due

  • Module #3:  Thursday, April 18th, 11-12:30pm MST OR 7-8:30pm MST  
    • Serving groups, honoring and respecting the ancient peoples of Blue Lotus in a group setting, what ifs, cautions, tips for preparing for your practicum
    • Short homework due

  • Modular #4:  Friday, April 19th, 11 - 1pm MST OR 7-9pm MST

    • Group Blue Lotus ceremony

    • Differences in ritual vs ceremony, etc
    • Short homework due
    • IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED YOU DO NOT DRIVE SOON AFTER THIS CEREMONY, PLEASE ATTEND THE RIGHT TIME THAT IS BEST FOR YOU. OR you can adapt and only embody a tiny bit and sit with more of her essence in your personal practicum.

  • Module #5:  Pre-recorded Session

    • Wrapping it all together
    • 2 article reads

    • Prepare and outline your Blue Lotus ceremony for practicums 

    • Total 1.5 - 3 hrs session and homeworks

    • Schedule your 2nd check in with Tara

  • Practicum Hours (3 hrs total)

    • 1 thirty-minute personal practice with Blue Lotus (Blue Lotus Not Provided)

    • 1 thirty-minute personal ceremony with Blue Lotus (Blue Lotus Not Provided)

    • 1 sixty-minute OR 2 thirty minute making an altar and honoring the ancient and modern lineage peoples of Blue Lotus with Blue Lotus (Blue Lotus Not Provided)

    • 1 one-hour long practice in guiding 1 or more people in a Blue Lotus ceremony (Blue Lotus Not provided)

  • It is REQUIRED to attend a minimum of THREE live modules of the 4 to receive the certification.​

  • Final due date is May 20th. An extension is available up to 1 year for $25.

Life Long Spiritual Investment
Guide /facilitator certification course is non-refundable because everything is recorded and shared, while good up to 1 entire year.  However if you can't make it last minute you can join us for the next course. 
*Zoom link sent via email approx 1 - 2hrs before each session


Not sure where to purchase Blue Lotus tea?  Below is my favorite and 2 oils.  This course will focus on tea, however you are welcome to weave in her essence of oil if feel called.
Dried flower for tea: Pico Botanica (loose or whole flower)
High valued pure essence oil for higher vibration & sacred times: Wisdom of the Earth 
Oil w/ carr
ier for more daily use:  Ritual oils

Tara L Skubella
About Your Guide
Tara L. Skubella is a Level 4 Certified Tantra Guide, Earthing Expert, 200 hr RYT Tantra/ Kundalini Yoga instructor, Death Doula, plant essence practitioner and Integral Relationship Coach. She's guided individuals, couples and groups since 2015.  After attending her first Cacao & ecstatic dance ceremony in Boulder December of 2015, she knew Cacao was her plant medicine.  Tara's first Cacao Ceremony offering was in 2016. Since then she's led over 60 ceremonies in Costa Rica, Roatan and the United States.  She believes Cacao is a sacred plant and only meant to be used with respect in humbly honoring indigenous peoples.  Her in person cacao offerings range from 1 on 1 ceremonies to large conscious community gatherings (60+ people) for full moon, couples romantic ceremonies, ecstatic dance, healing the heart, Earth Tantra Retreat Lvl 1,  meditation, etc.  Since birthing Earth Tantra in 2015, Tara’s work has reached 1,000s of students. Tara has contributed to publications, including cacao publications, like New York Times, Parade, Insider, High Times and more. 

What students are saying about Tara

"Tara’s style of guidance is intuitive and tailored to the vibe of each individual group.  She keeps things lively and adventurous, while provoking inner exploration and growth!"  - 2020 Student
"Tara emanates a beautiful sense of tranquility and patience, which holds a safe open space."  -2020 Student
“Tara’s guidance is very open hearted.  She has a very beautiful way of creating space for people to find their way.” -2019 Student
What students are saying about this cacao course
"Thank you so much! I loved taking the cacao course with Earth Tantra, and how much it is opening my life"  -2022 Certification Student
"I learned so much magic about mama cacao and feel very connected to her.   I appreciate your style of teaching and gathering the collective energy for an online classes.  Thank you for sharing mama cacao with the world.  I will share her with honor and respect".  -2021 Certification Student
"I've discovered how cacao is nurturing, earthing and like coming home.  I feel gratitude for learning to connect with her in new ways comparted to other ceremonies I've attended.  She encourages me to put intention to what I'm doing" - 2021 Certification Student
Sacred Blue Lotus Course

Questions?  Ready to join us?

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