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Pleasure of the Primal Feminine
-Ignite Your Sensual Essence-


March 2-8th, 2025

Paya Bay At Roatan, Honduras

Early Bird Starting at $1850

-Limited Space. Don't Miss Out-

Are you desiring to ignite your sensual essence from jungle to ocean?
 Are you ready to move beyond "just connecting" with self and experience what it's like to become truly intimate with your pleasure centers and divine essence through awakening tantric primal energy?
Join Tara, and an intimate circle of women, as we journey in a 6 night retreat embodiment of feminine primal pleasure in the sacred spaces of the awe-mazing private Paya Bay, Roatan, Honduras - the place where natural nirvana thrives.

For Who?  This retreat is for women ages 18 - 88 ready to embrace their sensuality. This retreat is best for women who prefer smaller intimate circle verses larger groups AND are desiring to surrender, or learn how to surrender, to our primal sensual self through pleasure, earth energy, movement, awakening & healing.....and to explore their shadowy and wild sides.

Together We Will...

  • Co-create a safe and trusting space for healing and awakening

  • Learn tantric breathing to deepen relationship with the body and open our energy centers

  • Experience what it means to go beyond just connection and become truly intimate w/self

  • Deepen relationship with Gaia through tantric practices (Earth Tantra's area of specialty!) 

  • Let our wild side express through reflective movement, fire beach dance and desire

  • Identify what pleasure means to us through the 5 senses

  • Explore the arts of pleasure through giving & receiving in Shakti ceremony

  • Gain and recognize the wisdom through the lost arts of ancestral earth knowledge 

  • Ritual with a sacred earth mud bath and dance with night fire on the beach

  • Express your truth in both verbal and non-verbal mirror circle practices

  • Yoni gaze with our own yoni as we honor our divine root (don't worry, your backs will be to each other and you can cover your bottom half)

  • Embody the masculine within and find new source of gifts through Shiva

  • Weave (aphrodisiac) Blue Lotus as a gentle dream plant w/ our consciousness

  • Leave with a new sense of sensual, sexual and pleasure vitality

  • Learn new ways to incorporate pleasure into every day life

  • Have some down time for personal meditation, journaling, silence, etc

  • 1 free day to explore, get a massage, spend a day on the beach or just be

Venue Highlights:

  • Private Honduran style small semi-rustic resort tucked in it's own beach/bay at 22 acres

  • Paya Bay's mantra is one of earth's most raw, romantic & primal little spots!

  • Nature and wildlife is abundant at Paya Bay

  • Feel the life force and primal energy around and within you

  • Optional massage treatment and adventure packages add ons available

  • Nourishing meals supporting nearly all needs including vegan, gluten free, etc

  •  Paya Bay is a beautiful nature based wellness centered resort

  • We will be the only group using the yoga shala/nearly the only people on the property

  • Paya Bay Resort is eco-friendly AND the resort lays upon a massive crystal bed.  Click here to learn more about the "feel good" crystal energy.

  • Simple, yet modern conveniences like wifi, hot water, refrigerators in each room + more





  • All of the above AND.......

  • Transportation to and from Roatan Airport 

  • Your choice of either a private or shared bedroom

  • Approx 50 hrs of sessions, ritual and ceremony

  • 3 meals each day with unlimited tea, water and coffee

    • All dietary needs asked at sign up

  • 1 virtual live & recorded zoom pre-travel meeting for tips and Q/A
  • 1 20 minute private check in session during retreat
  • 3 beautiful evening ceremonies and supplies​
  • Water toys & snorkeling gear access during breaks
  • Group Garifuna show & bonfire
  • Paya Bay retreat support leader just for our group
  • Yoga mat and cushion, however you may want to bring your own if you have one

  • Access to many acres of multiple trails, oodles of meditation spots, Ananda yoga/temple platform, multiple private beach access, snorkel gear, hammocks, labyrinth, wildlife viewing and more 

What's Not Included?  

  • Travel to Roatan (plane tickets/ fees, etc) personal items, ceremonial wear - see common questions below for travel to and from the retreat.

  • Spa + Massage Treatments or Adventure package for day off

  • Personal items and ceremonial dress/clothing

  • Add on day before or after (you can add on at check out)  Very Limited space!


What to bring?  A more detailed list will be sent closer to the retreat.​​

  • White ceremonial clothing (or close to it - some color or tan is okay)

  • Red/purple or pink ceremonial clothing

  • At least 1 sarong + bathing suit

  • Goddess wear.  Any clothing that makes you feel special.

  • 1 meaningful item for the altar

  • Journal

  • Comfortable clothing for all weather (super hot to rain/ shine & cool)

  • Your personal items

Intinerary Coming Soon

Life Long Spiritual Practice Investment:  

Retreat  Options:  Early Bird - Add $300 per person starting Sept 1st

  • Shared room at resort entrance (2 queen beds w/no direct ocean view) (1 spot)

    • $1950 per person (bring a friend OR we will pair you up)

  • Shared king bed (1 bed for you and a friend) (1 spot)

    • $1850 per person (you must rsvp with a friend)​

  • Private 1 standard bed on cliffside above ocean waves (3 spots)

    • $2300 for 1 person

    Private VIP Upgrade

*Each room has a ceiling fan, air-conditioning, bottled drinking water, refrigerator, hot water, wifi, towels, and balcony.

Payment Plan 

Payment #1: $500 non-refundable sign up fee per person

Payment #2: $500 non-refundable due November 1st per person

Payment #3: Remaining balance due day of event

If you can't make it last minute, the credit (amount paid) can be used toward a future retreat, program or other Earth Tantra event.

About Your Guide:  Tara L. Skubella is a Level 4 Certified Tantra Guide, Tantra/ Kundalini Yoga instructor, Earthing Expert , Death Doula, Integral Relationship Coach and Wisdom of the Earth Plant Practitioner.  She has worked with women in sacred sexuality and divine feminine ways since. 2015.  Her personal journey with Tantra work empowered her to leave an unhealthy marriage by connecting her to self - allowing her to rediscover her own sexual energy and femininity. Some of you may also recognize Tara as a cast member of Naked and Afraid. Wilderness survival is important to her and she teaches survival at Red Rocks Community College. Since birthing Earth Tantra in 2015, Tara’s work has reached 1,000s of students. She has been featured in New York Times, Parade, Insider, Bustle, Mashable, and Swell and has presented Tantra and healing with nature practices at various conferences like Loving More, Women's Wilderness, Women of Wisdom and others.
How many people will attend?  
Approximately 6-10 students. Tara and perhaps an assistant.
How many times has Earth Tantra used space at Paya Bay?
This will be our 3rd time sharing space at Paya Bay.  Paya Bay is away from the hussle and bussle of the "party" side of the island.  We appreciate the low-key vibes and hospitality of the locals on this side of the island.  
Is this retreat clothed? 
This retreat offers multiple clothing optional times & locations.  Naturism is part of this resort's culture.  There are 2 night/ dark ceremonies where clothing (bottom or tops) are optional,  Sarongs or light clothing are suggested to wear during the day due to the heat and humidity.  Some beaches are also clothing optional. Wearing light clothing is expected around the buildings and other locations.  Paya Bay will go over clothing optional locations at check in.  Some students choose to try clothing optional at invited times and specific locations, where others stay clothed the entire time. The choice is up to you.
What if I'm a little uncomfortable? 
 Each practice and session is always presented with options to adapt to each person's comfort level.  Comfort is a priority and we grow upon each practice step by step to ensure an introduction for deepening connection with your partner.
What can I bring? 
 Comfortable warm and hot weather clothing, white ceremonial clothing, Red or Black Ceremonial clothing, sarong, swim suit AND one meaningful item (quote or poem) to share on our alter - you will receive the item back.   A more detailed list will be e-mailed out 1 month or 2 before the retreat.
Why are your retreats small?
Over the years Earth Tantra has found a smaller more intimate group allows people to ground and relax better in the space co-created.  We feel this supports an exceptional healing cocoon.  A larger group can also be intimidating for some people, especially since many people attending our events are empaths, ADHD/ spectrum or are focusing on deep healing.  It is important for Earth Tantra to support the group & couples as much possible, instead of only the group as a whole.  A small group paves the path for Tara, and any assistants, to be more fully present, intuitively guided and connected to the energy unfolding. Earth Tantra values quality and impact over quantity.  This is one of the gifts we have to share that sets us apart from other guides and retreats.
What about transportation and airport transfers? 
Yes, airport transfer is included.  It's about a 50 minute transfer from the airport to PayaBay.  We will talk more about travel tips on an optional group live zoom call approx. 1 month before the retreat.   We suggest you fly into Roatan International Airport, since that is the airport where Paya Bay will offer transfer. 
Is it possible to add a night?
Yes, we highly recommend this, especially the night before to land and ground after stressful travel.  You may add 1 night before and/ or after when signing up to join us at check out.  However, space is very limited, so be sure to add on your night at check out.  If the extra nights have sold out you won't be able to add before or after.  There are many other resorts on the island and taxis for transfers to Paya Bay.  Meals & airport transfer are still included with the extra nights. Extra night/s stay is non-refundable.

Tell Me More about Paya Bay

Paya Bay is a beach, nature, leisure, and wellness resort catering to those seeking serenity, tranquility, and communion with nature. Paya Bay is a quaint modest boutique resort perched on a bluff overlooking the multi-hued Caribbean Sea and two beautiful half-moon beaches. The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef (the world's second largest reef system) lies just a 100 yards offshore. The gentle trade winds keep ambient temperatures cool and comfortable. Soaring music gives your spirit wings. Paths through enchanting nature you will love to explore. Beautiful energy to breathe in. Paya Bay invites you to Feel Good, Be Happy at Paya Bay!  The Universe made the resort stewards of a beautiful, magical place. It is their goal to continue creating an ambiance, atmosphere, and experience that complements the extraordinary natural beauty around us.  We nurture bliss by providing freedom, acceptance, a feeling of belonging, happiness, kindness, human warmth, and good energy.   Click here for driving instructions.

Still Have Questions?  Ready To Sign Up?
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