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Yoni Steam for Vitality

Yoni Steam for Vitality


Desiring to uplift your womb and Yoni energy?  Hoping to tone and support your sacred space?  Post pregnancy?  Peri/menopausal? 


Steam for Vitality includes:

1 - 4.2 oz tin with steam sticker - (provides 4 - 5 steams)

1 - blend of the following herbs

1/2 part hand wild picked wild rose leaf (balance with gentleness)

1/2 part blended purple & white clover from Tara's farm (blood purification, hormonal balance, cramp reducing)

1 part hand picked wild organic mountain red raspberry leaf (toning uterine muscles, cramp reduction, fertility and hormone balance for menopause)

1 part hand picked wild organic mountain yarrow (antibacterial, astringent and reduces heavy bleeding)

1/2 part organic hibiscous (hormonal balance, supports blood flow, menopause & pain relief).  


*IMPORTANT - this blend should not be used if you:

*will or have had sex within 2 hrs before or after steaming

*are or think you could be pregnant 

*are bleeding

*have an IUD

*have open sores or an infection


Wait 2 days between steams, no more than 3 X's weekly


Check out Earth Tantra's free guided meditation offer!  This will guide you bring honor to this sacred ritual and create a conscious space to love your body even more.

  • No returns

    *Unless wrong product is delivered or damaged.  Please send Tara pictures of the defective product in your message.  

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