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Soothing Steam For All Parts

Soothing Steam For All Parts


Sensitive skin?  Need to steam for purely calming, centering, gentle connecting and soothing purposes?  This special hand picked and organic herb blend is the perfect introduction to steaming or soothing your sacred spaces.  This is also a beautiful blend for face and body.


Steam for Soothing includes:

1 - 4.2 oz tin with yoni steam sticker (provides 4-5 steams/ 1 heaping tablespoon per steam)

1 - blend of the following herbs - 1 part organic lavendar grown on Tara's farm (calming the body/mind/tissues, reducing inflamation and soothing the neurosystem), 1 part organic chamomile grown on Tara's farm (soothing cramps, anxiety & spasms), and a pinch of harvest wild picked rose hips (constipation, mild stress reduction and vitamin C)


*IMPORTANT - this blend should not be used if you:

*had sex or will have sex within 2 hrs before or after steaming

*are or think you could be pregnant 

*are bleeding

*have an IUD

*have open sores or an infection


Wait 2 days between steams & no more than 3 X's a week


If you've never steamed before, take advantage of our FREE guided meditation offered on this page.  This will guide you to honor to this sacred ritual and create a conscious space to love your body even more.  This guide mentions yoni body parts, but also focuses on the womb space.   We all have a womb (sacral chakra space) no matter our gender/s because the womb is a space of our inner child, creation (business, art, human life, sensuality, etc).

  • No returns

    *Unless wrong product is delivered or damaged.  Please send Tara pictures of the defective product in your message.  

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