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Shiva Health & Libido Blend

Shiva Health & Libido Blend


Looking to increase and play with your libido?  Try this special blend for lingams or people who want to bring more masculine energy into their sacred spaces.


Lingam Libido Steam Blend includes:

1 - 4.2 oz tin with Powerful Shiva Sticker - (provides 4 - 5 steams: 1 heaping tbsp per steam)

1 - blend of the following herbs

1/2 part hand picked wild mountain sage (energy clearing, anti-mircobacterial, decreases inhibitions)

1 parts hand picked wild mullein (grounding, hemorroid support, antibacterial)

1/2 part hand picked wild juniper needle (masculine energy, aphrodisiac, grounding, anti-inflammitory & for hemorrhoids)

1 pinch of rose hips (constipation, mild stress reduction and vitamin C)

1 pinch of oregon grape (anti-bacterial, supports various skin conditions, anti-inflammatory)


*IMPORTANT - this blend should not be used if you:

*within 2 hours of having sex (pre or post)

*are or think you could be pregnant

*are bleeding

*have an IUD

*have open sores or an infection


Wait 2 days between steams, no more than 3 X's weekly


Check out Earth Tantra's free guided meditation offer! This will guide you bring honor to this sacred ritual and create a conscious space to love your body even more.  This video is yoni guiding, but can be easily applied to lingams.  A special lingam steaming meditation video is coming soon!

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