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Cacao & Blue Lotus Sacred Medicine Retreat
Nourish. Nurture. ReNew.


July 13-16th, 2023

Earth Tantra Center @ Raven Wild Farm, Delta CO

-Starting at $499-

Are you seeking to revitalize your body, mind & spirit?
Curious or looking for non-hallucinating plant medicines?
Does your root, heart or third eye chakra need more attention?
Divine Awakening: Earth Tantra's Sacred Medicine Retreat with Mama Cacao & Blue Lotus" invites you to flow on a soul exploration of the gentle plant medicines; mullein, cacao, and blue lotus.  Journeying from the depths of the root chakra to the expansiveness of the heart and the awakening of the third eye, this retreat creates a sacred space for you to experience the profound healing properties of these sacred plant energies, including the medicine, inner peace and spiritual growth.
Led by Tara, a Level 4 Tantra Guide, Earthing Expert, Yoga Teacher and Survival Wilderness Guide, this retreat brings together a like-minded group of individuals seeking to nourish, nurture, and renew their mind, body, and spirit. We will gather in the beauty of Raven Wild Farm, an 8-acre private sanctuary soon to be a small lavender farm.  This small group earth-based journey offers an intimate and safe environment for profound transformation.

Highlights of the retreat include enlightening discourses and sacred ceremonies dedicated to each plant medicine, fostering a deep connection with the group in a small supportive setting. You will have time for personal reflection, meditation, and healing with nature. Guided meditations, rituals and chakra work will further enhance your spiritual growth and self-discovery. Morning gentle flow yoga sessions (even for beginners) will help you align your body and energy, while the healthy, nourishing vegetarian and vegan meals will support a light detoxification process. You'll also receive a special blend of plant tea to continue your healing beyond the retreat.

For Who?  Any adult feeling the call to immerse in nature and discover the gentle gifts of plant medicine.  Details below.   This retreat is intended for individuals, however couples are welcome with PRIOR approval with Tara. This retreat is best for people looking to slow down, detox from technology, ready to eat vegetarian to vegan ways for the entirety of the retreat for opening the body in receiving plant benefits physically and spiritually.  

What?  The essence of this retreat lies in nourishing the body, nurture the mind, and renewing the spirit through a gentle introduction to the soft whispers of plant medicines. Our ceremonies invite intuitive participation, acknowledging the presence of an internal "no" as a valid response in the moment. We will commune with the grounding energy of Mullein, lovingly grown on the farm, to support detoxification, respiratory health, and alleviating inflammation. On Friday, we will explore the sacred depths and taboos of Mama Cacao, as she tenderly opens our hearts and uplifts our beings. The enchanting Blue Lotus will accompany us, offering support by soothing anxiety, promoting restful sleep, lucid dreaming, and awakening our senses. 

Why?  At times, our journey finds solace and growth in connecting with the cherished gifts of Mother Earth through the gentle embrace of plant medicines. Earth Tantra reveres the ancient wisdom of honoring our bodies and spirits by integrating the healing ways of the plant kingdom. Each earthly blossom carries a unique frequency and vibration. As we discover the plant that resonates harmoniously with our essence, it becomes our ally, supporting our personal healing and growth, complementing our unique path.

When?  Please arrive between 1 and 2 pm (no earlier or later please) on Thursday, honoring the sacredness of timing. We shall conclude our transformative gathering around 10:30 am on Sunday, allowing the energy to settle and anchor within.

The Space?   Our journey will unfold upon the 8 private acres of Earth Tantra Outdoor Center & Raven Wild Farm in Delta, Colorado. Let us recognize and honor this sacred land as the ancestral territory of the Native American Utes, embracing its rich heritage.  You are invited to gaze and be captivated by the awe-inspiring vistas of the majestic Grand Mesa to the north and the serene Elk Mountains in the distance to the east. At an elevation of 5,200 feet, this high desert sanctuary harmoniously intertwines grand cottonwood and elm trees with delicate offerings from nature, including crabapple, maple, and more. Nestled within its expanse, you will discover an open field, a tranquil pond, vibrant rabbit brush, and hidden nooks that invite moments of solitude and reflection. The community space radiates with comfort and serenity, adorned with inviting hammocks, a serene patio for nourishing meals, a wooden deck with cozy lounging areas, an outdoor circle gently shaded by nature's canopy, a sacred fire and dance space, a ceremonial tipi, a peace pole, and so much more. As cohabitants of this land, we share our journey with an array of birds, including 20 delightful chickens, two gentle outdoor cats, and two loving dogs. Feel free to wander along our 1/4 mile hiking trail, where the earth whispers its secrets. Although bears and mountain lions do not grace our presence, the company of playful foxes and raccoons delights us. The land, with its compassionate vibrations, calls forth the healing and spiritual journeys of all who seek its solace. Many have attested to feeling the resonance and tenderness from a grandfather energy protecting this sacred ground.       

You'll Leave With.... 

  • A better sense of connectedness to nature and gentle plant medicines  

  • A nourished body, nurtured mind and renewed sense of life

  • Inner peace and clarity

  • Healing emotional and energetic blockages

  • A better sense of wellbeing

  • Expanded consciousness, joy & gratitude

  • A native plant healing tea to take home

  • Respect and honor for history and culture of cacao and blue lotus


Includes all of the above and....​​

  • Delicious healthy clean eating meals & snacks focused on vegetarian, vegan & detoxing

  • Ceremonial grade cacao, mullein grown by Tara, Thai Blue Lotus + honey from our bees

  • Your choice of tent spot, camper vehicle spot or indoor private bedroom

  • Ceremonial Tipi and access to multiple meditation spaces

  • 1st Night Potluck Dinner, meals Thursday night - Sunday breakfast, coffee, snacks & tea

  • Drinking water & special detoxing/ supporting teas

  • Hammocks * meditation cushion in tipi

  • Tent & vehicle camping doesn't offer electric or hook ups. . Porta potty bathroom, drinking water & hand washing station are included.  Showers are not available for tenting, however we have a hose for rinsing off.

What's Not Included? 

  • Travel to and from Raven Wild Farm 

  • Your pre-made potluck item for the first dinner

  • Ceremonial clothing (bring something black or red & white or purple)

  • Tent, sleeping bag/ pad and outdoor gear