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Sacred Tantric Plant Medicine Retreat
Nourish. Nurture. ReNew.


July 13-16th, 2023

Earth Tantra Center @ Raven Wild Farm, Delta CO

-Starting at $499-

Are you seeking to revitalize your body, mind & spirit?
Curious or looking for non-hallucinating plant medicines?
Does your root, heart or third eye chakra call for attention?
Divine Awakening: Earth Tantra's Sacred Medicine Retreat with Mama Cacao & Blue Lotus" invites you to flow on a soul exploration of the gentle plant medicines; mullein (root), cacao (heart), and blue lotus (third eye).  Journeying from the depths of the root chakra to the expansiveness of the heart and the awakening of the third eye, this retreat creates a sacred space for you to experience the profound healing properties of these sacred plant energies, including inner peace and spiritual growth.
Led by Tara, a Level 4 Tantra Guide, Earthing Expert and Survival Wilderness Survivalist/Teacher, this retreat brings together a like-minded group of individuals seeking to nourish, nurture, and renew their mind, body, and spirit. We will gather in the beauty of Raven Wild Farm, an 8-acre private sanctuary soon to be a small lavender farm.  This small group earth-based journey offers an intimate and safe environment for profound transformation.

Highlights of the retreat include enlightening discourses, light fasting, clean eating and sacred ceremonies dedicated to each plant medicine, fostering a deep connection with the group in a small supportive setting. You will have time for personal reflection, meditation, journaling and healing with nature. Guided meditations, rituals and chakra work will further enhance your spiritual growth and self-discovery. Morning gentle flow yoga sessions (even for beginners) will help you align your body and energy, while the healthy, nourishing vegetarian and vegan meals will support a light detoxification process. You'll also receive a special blend of plant tea to continue your healing beyond the retreat.

For Who?  Any adult feeling the call to immerse in nature and discover the gentle gifts of plant medicine.  Details below.   This retreat is intended for individuals, however couples are welcome with PRIOR approval with Tara. This retreat is best for people looking to slow down, detox from technology, ready to eat vegetarian to vegan ways for the entirety of the retreat for opening the body in receiving plant benefits physically and spiritually.  

What?  The essence of this retreat lies in nourishing the body, nurture the mind, and renewing the spirit through a gentle introduction to the soft whispers of plant medicines. Our ceremonies invite intuitive participation, acknowledging the presence of an internal "no" as a valid response in the moment. We will commune with the grounding energy of Mullein, lovingly grown on the farm, to support detoxification, respiratory health, and alleviating inflammation. On Friday, we will explore the sacred depths and taboos of Mama Cacao, as she tenderly opens our hearts and uplifts our beings. The enchanting Blue Lotus will accompany us, offering support by soothing anxiety, promoting restful sleep, lucid dreaming, and awakening our senses.   There will also be an opportunity to connect with other sacred plants like chamomile, lavender, hibiscus and honey.

Why?  At times, our journey finds solace and growth in connecting with the cherished gifts of Mother Earth through the gentle embrace of plant medicines. Earth Tantra reveres the ancient wisdom of honoring our bodies and spirits by integrating the healing ways of the plant kingdom. Each earthly blossom carries a unique frequency and vibration. As we discover the plant that resonates harmoniously with our essence, it becomes our ally, supporting our personal healing and growth, complementing our unique path.

When?  Please arrive between 1 and 2 pm (no earlier or later please) on Thursday to honor the sacredness of timing. We shall conclude our gathering around 10:30 am on Sunday, allowing the energy to settle and anchor within.

The Space?   Our journey will unfold upon the 8 private acres of Earth Tantra Outdoor Center & Raven Wild Farm in Delta, Colorado. Let us recognize and honor this sacred land as the ancestral territory of the Native American Utes, embracing its rich heritage.  You are invited to gaze and be captivated by the awe-inspiring vistas of the majestic Grand Mesa to the north and the serene Elk Mountains in the distance to the east. At an elevation of 5,200 feet, this high desert sanctuary harmoniously intertwines grand cottonwood and elm trees with delicate offerings from nature, including crabapple, maple, and more. Nestled within its expanse, you will discover an open field, a tranquil pond, vibrant rabbit brush, and hidden nooks that invite moments of solitude and reflection. The community space radiates with comfort and serenity, adorned with inviting hammocks, a serene patio for nourishing meals, a wooden deck with cozy lounging areas, an outdoor circle gently shaded by nature's canopy, a sacred fire and dance space, a ceremonial tipi, a peace pole, and so much more. As cohabitants of this land, we share our journey with an array of birds, including 20 delightful chickens, two gentle outdoor cats, and two loving dogs. Feel free to wander along our 1/4 mile hiking trail, where the earth whispers its secrets. Although bears and mountain lions do not grace our presence, the company of playful foxes and raccoons delights us. The land, with its compassionate vibrations, calls forth the healing and spiritual journeys of all who seek its solace. Many have attested to feeling the resonance and tenderness from a grandfather energy protecting this sacred ground.       

You'll Leave With.... 

  • A better sense of connectedness to nature and gentle plant medicines  

  • A nourished body, nurtured mind and renewed sense of life

  • Inner peace and clarity

  • Healing emotional and energetic blockages

  • A better sense of wellbeing

  • Expanded consciousness, joy & gratitude

  • A native plant healing tea to take home

  • Respect and honor for history and culture of cacao and blue lotus


Includes all of the above and....​​

  • Delicious healthy clean eating meals & snacks focused on vegetarian, vegan & detoxing

  • Ceremonial grade cacao, mullein grown by Tara, Thai Blue Lotus + honey from our bees

  • Your choice of tent spot, camper vehicle spot or indoor private bedroom

  • Ceremonial Tipi and access to multiple meditation spaces

  • 1st Night Potluck Dinner, meals Thursday night - Sunday breakfast, coffee, snacks & tea

  • Drinking water & special detoxing/ supporting teas

  • Hammocks * meditation cushion in tipi

  • Tent & vehicle camping doesn't offer electric or hook ups. . Porta potty bathroom, drinking water & hand washing station are included.  Showers are not available for tenting, however we have a hose for rinsing off.

What's Not Included? 

  • Travel to and from Raven Wild Farm 

  • Your pre-made potluck item for the first dinner

  • Ceremonial clothing (bring something black or red & white or purple)

  • Tent, sleeping bag/ pad and outdoor gear

  • Personal snacks to keep in your car or outdoor cooler

  • Anything else to help you feel comfortable

What to bring? 

  • Premade potluck item like precut watermelon, chips/ salsa, hummus & baby carrots, gluten free crackers & cheese, etc

  • Altar item (you'll receive this back)

  • White or light purple ceremonial clothing (for Saturday Night - some color or tan is okay)

  • Black or Red ceremonial clothing  (for Friday Night - some color or dark hues okay)

  • Water bottle, tea/coffee mug

  • Comfortable clothing for meditation, sitting outside, cool & hot weather (50 - 95 degrees)

  • Your tent, sleeping bag & outdoor gear supplies (headlamp/ flashlight, etc)

Life Long Spiritual Practice Investment: 

SAVE MONEY AND SERVE:  Inquire W/ Tara 1st

ISO Semi to Pro Photographer: Only 8-10 pics -  save $299 

Payments are as follows
  •  $100, $200 or $210 non-refundable sign up fee 
  • Remaining balance  due day of event in cash, zelle or credit card

Retreat  Options

  • $499 - Tent or car camper spot - no hook ups/ outdoor facilities only - 1 spot left

  • $569 - Rent a Tent  -3 person tent + blow up mattress + bedding/ outdoor facilities only:  1 spot left

  • $649 - Blue private queen bedroom - shared bath: Full

  • $689 - Large Mesa View private queen bedroom - shared bath: 1 spot left

IMG_3051 1.jpg
Watch this video to feel into the Earth Tantra Retreat Experience
About Your Guide
Tara L. Skubella is a Level 4 Certified Tantra Guide, Earthing Expert, Wilderness Survivalist (some of you may recognize her from Naked and Afraid) and 200 hr Tantra/ Kundalini Yoga instructor. She's worked with individuals and couples in retreats & workshops, as well as one-on-one private sessions since 2015. As an experienced cacao guide since 2016 in groups for up to 60 people, she began offering cacao guide certifications since 2021.  Tara has worked with wild mullein as a healing plant since 2017.  She has embraced this sacred plant as a profound ally for respiratory wellness, detox and grounding medicine, supporting those in need with her personal supply during the challenging times of the pandemic.   Tara is still discovering Blue Lotus and approaches with reverence.  She has shared Blue Lotus in ceremony with others in group and private retreats since 2020 to unfold it's potential.  Tara's profound relationship with gentle rocky mountain related plant medicines for medicinal purposes dates back to 2002. In her expert perspective, she recognizes the profound wisdom embedded within each plant, holding ancient knowledge that has been passed down through generations. With respect, Tara advocates for the deep  honor bestowed upon these sacred plants, embracing the old and sacred ways of connecting with their healing properties.  Since  birthing Earth Tantra in 2016, Tara’s work has reached 1,000s of students. Tara has been featured and quoted in New York Times, Parade, Insider, High Times (for cacao) Bustle, Mashable, and Swell and has presented Tantra and healing with nature practices at various conferences like Loving More, Women's Wilderness, Women of Wisdom and others.  On the side, Tara teaches wilderness survival at Red Rocks Community College and is also a Leave No Trace Master Training at the college as well. 

What Students Are Saying about Tara

"Tara’s style of guidance is intuitive and tailored to the vibe of each individual group.  She keeps things lively and adventurous, while provoking inner exploration and growth!"  - 2020 Student
"Tara emanates a beautiful sense of tranquility and patience, which holds a safe open space."  -2020 Student
“Tara’s guidance is very open hearted.  She has a very beautiful way of creating space for people to find their way.” -2019 Student
Why are these considered gentle plant medicines?
Cacao and Blue Lotus are often regarded as gentle plant medicines due to their subtle yet profound effects on the mind, body, and spirit. The plants we will be be connecting with are non-hallucinating.   Cacao offers a gentle heart-opening experience and an uplifting effect on mood, promoting a sense of joy and relaxation while Blue Lotus is recognized for its calming and soothing properties, aiding in sleep, reducing anxiety, and enhancing spiritual exploration. Together, these plant medicines provide a gentle entry point for individuals seeking transformative experiences while maintaining a balanced and grounded state without hallucinations.  
When should I arrive?  When are we finished?
Arrive between 1 and 2pm only.  Please not before or after.  Allow extra driving time for weekend traffic in the mountains.  We will finish around 10:30am and will have time to pack and leave upon wake up and after 10:30am.
Anything I should know about Raven Wild Farm?
 There are 2 bee hives on the property.  They are friendly bees.  We respect their space by keeping distance and they will respect ours.  The sweet news is we will have a chance to eat a little bit of the sweetness they gift to us, honey!  We are NOT a pet free home, however we are a shoeless, smokeless and low chemical home. NO perfumes inside house/ including scented lotions, etc - more natural soaps/ shampoos are provided. Thank you for respecting a home resident's chemical allergies. 
Camping vs Indoor Room?
If you truly want to embody mother earth, we suggest camping.  If you are camping, we provide rustic outdoor options.  A place for a tent, car camping or small campers.  Hook ups/ electric are not available, however you'll be able to charge a phone outdoors.   Keep in mind, campers DO NOT have access to indoor bathrooms due to our sensitive septic.  Outdoor porta-potties and drinking water is provided.  Outdoor showering is not provided either, but we have an outdoor hose to rinse off.  Sorry, but soap can not be used on the land.  Indoor rooms will be able to shower indoors.
How many people will attend?
Approximately 4 to 6 students & Tara.  We keep our retreats intimate and small to create a trusting space for all people.  Large groups can inhibit the ability to connect with deep healing and can be overwhelming for some.  Spectrum folks, empaths, ADHDers and others appreciate the small group and family feel with Earth Tantra.
Is this retreat clothed? 
Yes, this retreat is clothed.  
What if I'm a little uncomfortable? 
 Each practice and session is always presented with options to adapt to each person's comfort level. 
Comfort & trust is a priority and we grow upon each practice step by step for expansion.
Is this retreat Covid19 Colorado Guidelines compliant?
Yes - Masks are optional & proof of vaccine is not required.  Do not attend if you have covid19 or have been exposed to covid up to 10 days before the retreat.
Can I commute or leave the retreat space to explore in town?
 The intention is to stay at the retreat center.   The safe energy of group is broken when students come and go.  There is plenty of space to distance yourself or to walk and run on a dirt road and 8 acres.  If you'd like to explore town, we recommend to arrive early or stay locally after the retreat to site see. 
How is the weather?
Be prepared for 50s up to 100 degrees this time of year, as we will be outside.  Prepare for rain. 
The site has a tipi and shaded areas.
Keep in Mind.....
  A list of what to bring will be mailed approx 1 month and 1 week before the retreat.  We do not integrate time for touristing during the retreat.  The center is a rustic and primitive outdoor retreat center, be prepared for primitive camping conditions if you are camping (porta potty, hand washing station & drinking water only).  Indoor access is for indoor bedroom folks only - sorry.  Due to our sensitive septic and space, campers will remain outside in nature.
What about transportation and airport transfers?  

Montrose airport is 30 min away.  Grand Junction airport is 1+ hrs away.  Denver airport is 6 hrs away.  UBER and shuttle vans don't run often as Delta is a very small town.  However, it's possible to arrange for a airport transfer with Sunshine Rides.  Car rentals are available at all airports. Tara will NOT be able to pick up students, however there are usually a few students driving through Montrose and Grand Junction to come to the retreat, but it's not guaranteed.​


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