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Crescent Moon



February 24th - March 31st 2022

A full cycle moon 5 week virtual course for any adult (couples welcome)

Join us for a fun, sacred and healing Moon Cycle Course for self love & alignment.


No Need To Be Present At Any Specific Time

Learn at your own pace through live/ recorded zoom, pre-recorded videos and other content.

In this course you will experience and learn:

*2 new moon & full moon guided ceremonies with Q/A after

*How to better connect with your body & energy through breath, meditation and moon work

*How to set a basic moon altar & use the space

*Calling in the 7 directions and opening altar space

*Moon Cycles: aligning your natural rhythms with la luna - including the science!

*How to set new moon intentions & evaluate and release full moon energy

*Aligning sexual energy (Sex Magic) with mother moon 

*Moon creation (weave in moon art, womb art, journaling, dance and more.)

*Example of how to incorporate cacao (or other drink) into moon ritual

*Crystal work and more rituals

BUSY LIFE?  NO PROBLEM.  Watch, practice, learn, connect, inspire & seek on your own time.

Course Options - Per Household

  • Basic $79 OR $139 for 2 (Partner & Friend Discount)

    • Access to the private course, live & recorded zoom ceremonies, and optional facebook/Meta group (content also posted in private fb group)

    • One optional 30 min check in with Tara for custom personalized support Q/A, etc - good until April 5th (phone or whatsapp)

    • Live & recorded video rituals and pre-recorded lessons 

    • Home practices, inspiration, tips and more.

Supplies Needed For Course & Ceremonies

Prerequisite - an interest in connecting with moon energy for personal wellness & alignment


  • Altar space in your home for the duration of the entire course:  1 of the following - side table, plate or tray, space in corner of room on floor, etc.

  • 1 mug or other drinking vessel for each ceremony 

  • Herbal teas, milk teas or water for the new moon ceremonies

  • Cacao drink, green/black tea, hot chocolate or any hot drink for the full moon ceremonies cacao can be bought online or nearly any healthy food store

  • 1 stone, crystal or meaningful hand held object to set an intention 

  • 1 earth element (dirt/sand/stone, etc)

  • 1 air element (feather, picture of sunrise, bird, etc)

  • 1 fire element (candle, picture of sun, etc)

  • 1 water element (shell, cup of water, picture of ocean, etc)

  • Paper and pencil

  • 1 cup of water in a glass jar for the full moon

  • Optional:  Smudgestick, journal or other crystals & meaningful items

Tentative Course Schedule:  3 to 5 posts per week

Week #1 - Introductions, Altar Setting, Intentions, New Moon Live/Recorded Ceremony March 1st: 7pm MST

Week #2 - Moon Phases, Life Cycles, Sacral Chakra Connections, & Syncing w/ Moon Energy

Week #3 - Evaluating Intentions/Releasing, Sexual Energy & Full Moon Live/Recorded March 18th: 7pm MST

Week #4 - Moon Book Suggestions, Movement, & Moon Journaling

Week #5 - Returning To New Moon, Journey/ Lessons & Live/ Recorded Ceremony: March 31st: 7pm MST

About Your Guide
Tara L. Skubella is a Level 4 Certified Tantra Guide, Earthing Expert, Wilderness Survivalist (some of you may recognize her from Naked and Afraid) and a Tantra/ Kundalini Yoga instructor. She has been guiding women specifically in womb wellness, feminine energy connection & Red Tents private sessions since 2015. Her personal journey with Tantra empowered her to leave an unhealthy marriage and re-connect with self to allowing her to rediscover her purpose and femininity.  Since birthing Earth Tantra in 2016, Tara’s work has reached 1,000s of students. Tara has been featured in Parade, Insider, Bustle, Mashable, and Swell and has presented Tantra and healing with nature practices at various conferences like Loving More, Women's Wilderness, Women of Wisdom, Southwest Outdoor Leadership Conference and others.
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