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Healing With Nature

An 8 night journey of deepening elemental wisdom
- A 
75 hr earth tantra teacher or practitioner certification - 


June 24th - July 2nd, 2023

*Only 1 spot remains*

Earth Tantra Center @ Raven Wild Farm

Delta, Colorado

Feeling the call to not only improve your connection with mother earth for nature-based healing, but also how to guide others in this vital skill in today's world?  Nature healing is earth's free health care.
Join Tara, Level 4 Tantra Guide, Grounding Expert & Survival Wilderness Guide, and a like minded group, in a true transformational journey of becoming intimate with mother earth through both practicality and spirit based practices.  Discover the lost arts of  earth energy exchange,  elemental wisdom + breathwork,  sacred ceremonies of devotion, potential of earthgasms and connecting with earth energy down to a cellular level.
Highlights include ...
  • 75 hr teacher or practitioner's certification upon completion (includes 40 hrs of healing with nature & 35 hrs of basic tantric breath (elemental/ Chakra breathing)
  • Earthing, forest bathing, potential of experiencing an earthgasm, desert connection, ways of water, the power of fire and guidance of air
  • Times of silence, field excursions, cacao ceremony, devotion + more
  • 6 Hours of practicum for teacher certification
  • Developing your own personal and shared practices
  • Connect and grow in a small intimate group of 4-5 students the Earth Tantra way

-Investment: Starting at $1,199-

For Who?  Any adult feeling the call to learn how to become truly intimate with mother earth, her wisdom and nature as our guide for healing, expansion both internal and external.  If you are an outdoor guide, nature lover, energy space holder, yoga teacher, meditation guide, women's circle facilitator, etc this retreat might be for you.  If you are interested in attending, but not the teacher certification component,  we'd love for you to be an practice student and still receive a 75 hr practitioner completion certification.  You'll be asked to be a practicing student for the teachers in training a few times throughout the retreat.

What?   The focus of this retreat is focused on elemental healing, tantric elemental chakra breathwork for a 75 hr certification.  This is an inclusive retreat, meaning we ask that you stay in the container of the space.  We will venture approx 35 minutes away to spend time forest bathing, river connecting + an evening in the desert to watch the sunset.

How does this support my offerings and career?  Nature-based healing is evidence-based: There is a growing body of research that shows the benefits of nature-based healing, including reduced stress and anxiety, improved mood, better physical health and over all well-being.  Your course will teach participants how to apply these practices in practical, spiritual and mindful ways.   By completing the 8 night training, and receiving the certification, you'll expand new opportunities such as teaching nature-based healing workshops or incorporating nature-based healing into your existing or future offerings. This makes attending the course a valuable investment in both your personal and professional development, as well as improving the lives of others.  

When?  Arrive between 1 and 2pm Saturday, June 24th.   No later or no earlier please.   We will end around 10:30am Sunday.   Graduation ceremony is Saturday night. 

The Space?   We will gather on the 8 beautiful private acres at Earth Tantra Outdoor Center & Raven Wild farm stay in Delta, Colorado.  We recognize and honor this space as land of the Native American Utes.  There are stunning views of the Grand Mesa to the north and Elk Mountains to the east (distance).  The property is 5,200ft in elevation - high desert.  The land shares a beautiful blend of grand cottonwood, elm and other trees (crabapple, maple, etc) with an open field, small pond, rabbit brush and micro private spaces for privacy.  The community space has multiple spots with hammocks, an outdoor kitchen, eating patio and lounge area, outdoor circle (partly shaded), ceremonial tipi, peace pole and more.  We share the land with dozens of variety of birds, native and local plants, chickens and 2 dogs.  Students are welcome to take a hike along our 1/4 mile hiking trail to the bottom of the property.  We do not have bears or mountain lions but other critters like fox & racoon.  The land calls to support others in their healing and spiritual journey.  Many people can feel the vibration and kindness of the land.  We are a Chemical + Fragrance + Shoe FREE household.  Gentle soaps + shower supplies, etc are provided.
















You'll Learn How To... 

  • Practice and guide tantric elemental chakra breathing while supporting someone in opening and healing their lower 4 chakras.   This is a very opening and intimate breath pathway, as it taught to guide others to empower the student for healing themselves (verses being the healer).

  • Teach others to listen to, become intimate with and connect with the wisdom of earth, water, fire and air as guides

  • Call upon the 4 and 7 directions for guidance, opening/ closing space for personal practice, retreats and ceremony

  • Why and how to smudge others/ space and make your own smudgesticks

  • #stopconnectlistentrust - an Earth Tantra coined practice indented for children to adults

  • Have a better understanding of somatic, health, spiritual & energetic benefits when healing with nature 

  • Differentiate, and when to guide others in the differences of earthing, grounding, forest bathing & connecting with specific elements

  • Deeply tune into within to be able to listen to elemental wisdom

  • Set an altar space according to the 4 directions, elements and nature wisdom

  • Call upon and tune into nature (including animal) spirit guides for support

  • Better center yourself before guiding others

  • Create a space to support others in chakra, shadow, energy guidance, including additional chakra healing modalities

  • Be a better guide to help someone find their own answers within


Includes all of the above and....​​

  • Pre-course 1 hour live and recorded zoom call to help prepare + curriculum outline

  • Delicious healthy meals & snacks to meet nearly all needs - a dietary need questionnaire is provided at check out.   Food is locally sourced when possible, including our farm fresh eggs

  • Most ceremonial supplies  & cacao (not ceremonial clothing & altar item)

  • Creative supplies