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Earth Tantra Teacher Certification

& Mentorship Program





Join Tara, Earthing Expert/ Tantric Guide/ Wilderness Survivalist, as we grow the 500 hr. Earth TantraTeacher Certification & Mentorship Program by 2 more students in 2020.
This is a 1 - 3 year 
The first 24 hours of the retreat is focused on self grounding and exploration in SILENT nature meditation
before transitioning to small group centered approach.  This key element practice of silent meditation is the basic
practice in which the remaining retreat will grow.



1) Seeking to more authentically connect with self in solitude and others in a safe small group?
2) Stressed out and needing designated time for solitude to learn how leave the monkey mind and drop into your body?
3) Experiencing loss or grief and would like to re-connect with happiness?
4) Ready to dive deep into new spiritual practices of breath work, Tantra, ritual, earth based meditation, chakra energy & more?
5) Touch deprived?  An ADHDer? Sensory avoidance or seeking?  AND looking to learn a healthy exploratory approach to touch AND more authentic connections.
















Life Long Spiritual Practice Investment:  Starting at $435


Non-refundable sign up fee = $100 - $200

  An Invoice will be sent for remaining balance due prior to the retreat due January 20th, 2019

Sign up fee is applied toward balance  and can be applied toward other services if you can't make it last minute.

Are you a semi to professional photographer?  Ask Tara about saving some $$ for a work trade opportunity.

Uvita, Costa Rican Retreat Options Remaining

$435 - sleeping outside in your personal tent (FULL)

$ 465- rented hammock indoors 

$525 - ground level fold out futon in shared space 

$625 - private full bed bedroom upper level (FULL)


Optional Add On Fees

$50 transportation fee (Uvita, Bus Station Pick up & Drop off)

Stay an extra day after the retreat $40-$60 - pay at retreat in

cash or credit card

Shakti Shiva Puja
Costa Rica Session Space
Costa Rica Session Space

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Moab Spring 2018 Group
Moab Spring 2018 Group

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Cacao Pre-Ceremony Opening Session
Cacao Pre-Ceremony Opening Session

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Costa Rica Session Space
Costa Rica Session Space

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What Other Earth Tantra Retreat Participants Are Saying....

"Silence!  So important!  For beginners, I think the near 24 hours in silent meditation alone taught us to "commit" and practice the breathing techniques.  Because I was alone, I was much more comfortable exploring the work.  Had I been near or with others I didn't know well yet, I probably would've been much more in my head". July 2017 participant

"I realized I'd like to embody more of my masculine energy.  I saw it as something negative for a long time because of my personal experience, but now I'm in a place of wanting to embrace it."  July 2017 participant

"I can only describe Earth Tantra Retreat as a life altering experience with Naked Earth Tantra - WOW!  So much gratitude to the beautiful souls, the time of deep reflection in nature, the power and passion of communal fire and discovering true deep soul connection!  My life will truly never be the same!"  February 2018 participant


Who? For anyone 18-118 years.  Intended for individuals.  Couples who are open to sharing energy with others may join us as well. Contact Tara to see if this retreat is right for you.

What?  To Re-ground, Re-center, Re-connect with ourselves and direct this re-centered energy to connect others in a healthy more grounded and authentic way. 


During retreat we will:

  • Take time to connect, ground and grow our connection with mother earth and self in approx. 20 - 24 hours of guided silent meditation practices.

  • Explore how to integrate grounding, breathwork and centering into our daily lives for less stress, anxiety and chaos, so we can more authentically connect with others.

  • Celebrate in both a special heart opening cacao fire ritual and 5 senses Shiva/Shakti Puja (Honoring Masculine/Feminine energy ceremony).

  • Learn and practice basic Tantric breath first as individuals in meditation and then how to share that energy with someone else.

  • Embrace the body through acceptance, shame and free movement spirit dance.

  • Leave refreshed, inspired, centered and more connected to earth, self/spirit and others on deeper levels.

  • And much more


Where?   Uvita, Costa Rica -- Join us in at the private beautiful eco-lodge called Pura Vida.  Pura Vita is tucked away with a 1/3 mile hike into the retreat center.  A backpack is recommended, not a suit case.  This gorgeous location is perched on a hill and surrounded by wild life, jungle plants and serenity.  A small stream and beautiful mediation space is abundant to explore.  Listen to the ocean waves and see the world's famous whales tail at tide out from the house. The beach is about a 20 minute walk from the lodge.  A car rental is recommended from San Jose for easy in town excursions.  OR for a $50 fee per person we can arrange for a drop off and pick up at the bus stop in Uvita.   

Why?  Sometimes in life we forget how to slow down, stay in the present moment, take care of ourselves first so we can re-group and connect with others on a deeper more authentic level.  Re-boost and re -center your connection with nature as your nurturing guide.  

When?  Please arrive between noon and 4pm.  We will begin with a community dinner and welcome session at 6pm.  More details and bus pick up time will be available closer to the event.

Included? 4 over nights stay at Pura Vida, use of retreat center facilities, all but Saturday night dinner is offered.  We cover dietary needs (gluten free, protein, vegan options, allergies, etc), light snacks, drinks (coffee/tea/water/etc), late night delectables, activity supplies, bonding with adults of all types of uniqueness, a deeper sense of self, jungle life and connections, new friendships and learn practices and skills that will last you a life time.  

Cacao Ceremony


We will be sharing living, kitchen & bathroom space.  A detailed "to bring list" and retreat schedule will be e-mailed to you about 2 weeks before we gather.

Be prepared to bring clothing for temperatures ranging from 55 to 95'F with high humidity.  Rain and shine.  


Each person is asked to bring ceremonial clothing of both white (or near white) AND black or (near black)  No need to buy anything new.  

Saturday night dinner is not included.  We will have several hours to adventure on the beach and take a bite in town.  A car pool will be arranged if you won't be renting your own vehicle.

Curious How Earth Tantra Retreat Changing Lives?

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