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Sacred Union: For All Couples

Embracing The Sacredness Of Love

November 9th: Saturday
A 3/4 Day Online Tantra Couples Retreat 

Only 5 (paired) Spots Available

Looking for something in person? Join us for Sensual Souls.

Are you looking to invest in your LOVE and share the gift of presence this Valentines Week with your beloved?

Curious about Tantra, but not quite sure where to begin? 
Held back from an in person event?  

Join Tara in a 3/4 day tantra couples zoom (course) retreat for a light introduction, or refresh, to the tantric arts.   Experience TRUEly slowing down to authentically embrace intimacy, love, breath and touch with your beloved.  #stopconnectlistentrust


Sacred Union 3/4 day zoom retreat is shared with ALL couples ready to begin or continue their tantric path.   The journey will weave in Belly 2 Belly practices, energetic intimacy, sacred touch and an evening Puja (sacred ceremony) of tea,  and anointment.  This event is clothed at all times. Sacred Union is an experiential journey, not focused on philosophies or therapy.  The retreat flows best for couples in a trusting relationship with each other. 
 3/4 Day Retreat Outline - Please is required to attend the previous session to move onto the next.  We will co-create a safe and sacred container with practices that build upon each other. Can't make it live?  No problem.  All the sessions will recorded and shared by Sunday afternoon.
Schedule:  November 9th, Saturday
  • Session 1:  10-11am MST - required to attend live to participate live in session #2
    • Welcome, opening and co-creating space, introductions & intention setting​
  • Session 2:  2-4 pm MST - required to attend live to participate live in session #3
    • Belly 2 belly, sacred conversation, energy connections and light touch​
  • Session 3:  6:30-8:30 pm MST  
    • Guided Puja​ (Sacred Ceremony) incorporating all we learned + tea & anointing
  • Optional add-on Sunday, February 18th 7-8pm MST - Bonus touch practice and Q/A
End With...
  • A deeper connection
  • Feeling more confident in intimacy
  • Understanding the arts of slowing down
  • Learned new ways in how to honor & respect your beloved authentically
  • A tantric experience and practices lasting a life time
Relationship Investment Per Couple
*These options are non-refundable since the recordings are good for up to one entire year.
1) VIP Package:  $389 & Includes....
  • Live and recorded sessions of this 3/4 day Sacred Union retreat
  • 1 30 min post check in (suggest within one week after Sacred Union)
  • 1 private 1hr custom guided session with Tara - good for up to 1 year!
  • Choose one of the following 
    • Tantra 4 Couples 8+ hr online pre-recorded course
    • Basic package of Mastering Basic Tantric breathing pre-recorded 15+ hr course
    • Designer Relationship Book Club (4 live weekly sessions Oct-Nov)
  • Ready to invest in your relationship beyond the 3/4 day retreat? Take advantage of this $517 value
2) Basic:  $249 - includes only the live and recordings of this 3/4 day retreat
What to bring and prepare......
Session #1:  Bring yourselves nothing special to prepare
Sessions #2 & #3:  Create a space in the home where you can sit AND lay next to each other.  Consider adding pillows, blankets and perhaps yoga mats.  Don't forget to bring water.  We will take a 10 minute break.
For session #3: 
  1. Wear white, near white or a pastel ceremonial clothing (tan, pink, light blue or a little color is okay). 
  2. Prepare a sacred tea before we begin of your choice, chamomile, cacao, blue lotus, rose, etc.  Don't forget to cover the tea to keep it warm.
  3. Essential oils, coconut oil or similar for touch and anointing 
  4. Optional - altar items (we will talk about this in session #1)
Will people be able to see us?   We ask that everyone join us at the beginning and end of each session in full video.  We are co-creating a trusting space between us all to relax and enjoy.  During the guided sections, we will ask everyone to stay on mute and point your camera up or turn it off.  This retreat is clothed.  If you are looking for an opportunity to connected through guided sessions without clothing.  Check out Tantra 4 Couples pre-recorded online course.  OR invest in the VIP option for an add on.
Who guides the retreat?  Me - Tara, founder and guide of Earth Tantra.  I will be guiding all practices, as well as connecting with you for any add on private sessions.  I have guided 100's of couples in retreat both in person and virtually.  My experience and comfort level guiding online retreats began before the pandemic, so I'm very well seasoned and intune.
What if we can make the retreat live or only session #1 & #2?  No problem.  The retreat is recorded and will be shared.  You are welcome to watch anytime and create your own retreat space when ready.  The link will be good for one entire year.
What if I'm a little uncomfortable?  Each practice and session is always presented with options to adapt to each person's comfort level.  Comfort is a priority and we grow upon each practice step by step to ensure a gentle introduction for deepening your connection with your partner.  There is always a choice to move energy for what feels best for you through the practice of #stopconnectlistentrust.  
What supplies should we have on hand?
  • Pillows/ blankets
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • A phone or laptop to log into the zoom call
  • A quiet space with little to no distractions 
  • Optional - altar items
Can we decide to upgrade after session #1, #2 or #3?  Absolutely.  I will share how to upgrade at anytime during or after the retreat.  The last possible time to upgrade will be Sunday at noon MST.
What couples are saying about Earth Tantra's Couples Events....

"Wow!  We really are leaving with new ways to love, honor and connect.  Thank you for these simple yet beautiful practices to weave into our relationship for continued expansion of our love" - March 2017 Couple

"In the 30 years we've been married, we still learned new things about each other AND how to bring Tantra into our home practice" - Dec 2018 couple

"We are leaving The Art of Loving with a deeper since of shared energy exchange through breath work and are excited to create more time together in ritual" - May 2019 Couple

"Earth Tantra's couple's retreat took our relationship to the next level in connection and understanding of each other.  We apply the practices to our relationship weekly" - April 2021 Couple

"I'm so glad we found a amazing couples tantra retreat near me (us) in Colorado
.  We thought we would have to travel to California or Thailand" - 2022 Couple

Other questions?  E-mail Tara or book a 30 minute complimentary discovery session here.
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