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A FREE 45 Minute Small Group Session

Choose between 3 dates

Friday - March 6th/9pm MST (1 spot left)

Sunday - March 8th/7pm MST 

Tuesday - March 10th 11am MST


What exactly is MicroMeditation?

How can it help a busy person like me?

Doesn't mediation take an hour or more?

Join Tara L. Skubella, Founder of Earth Tantra, earthing expert, meditation & Tantra guide, in a 45 minute lesson and guided session for an introduction to MicroMeditation and #stopconnectlistentrust.  You'll learn the ins/outs of MicroMeditation and benefits.  Then Tara will guide the group in a MicroMeditation practice, so you can begin right away.

Sometimes in daily modern life we only have micro-doses of time instead of 1 to 2 hours for meditation.  Perhaps it's the lack of time mixed with fear of failing that also holds us back from meditation. Let's break that thought pattern and learn how MicroMeditation can help us in our daily life for improved wellness and awareness.


Tantra is a way of life.  Being able to drop into self even in small moments throughout the day is a beautiful way to begin or expand your Tantric journey. 

MicroMeditation is definitely better than doing nothing at all.

This is a FREE service - really!

  • Click on the box below to sign up!

  • Pick from the following dates; March 6, 8th or 10th!

  • Sign up (space is limited to only 5 people per session).

  • International folks, please choose skype only.

  • If you've attended an Earth Tantra event before - you've already learned this practice.

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