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Tantra 4 Couples Pre-Recorded AnyTime Course

Pre-Recorded Course Via Youtube: Learn the basic foundations of couples Tantra including, but not limited to basic Tantric breath, energy exchange, masculine/feminine energies, belly to belly intimacy and more to lay a grounded foundation for growing together in sensual connection and truth.

Tantra 4 Couples Pre-Recorded AnyTime Course
Tantra 4 Couples Pre-Recorded AnyTime Course

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Learn Couples Tantra from the privacy and comfort of your own home and discovery a new way to connect in love.  Couples 4 Tantra will teach you the foundations to grow your energy, touch and breath to expand your body and energy connection.  The course includes but is not limited to basic tantic breath, touch, masculine/feminine energy, history of Tantra, belly breath, belly to belly, energy exchange, love language and more.   There are approx 6 hours of video broken into 10  sessions ranging from 15 mintues to 1 hour.  


  • T4C: 1 Couple's Ticket

    $119 Per Couple: On demand learning course through 6 hours of video, guided sessions and more.

  • 2 Private Check In Sessions

    Two 30 minute live private check in sessions with Tara via facetime, phone, IM, zoom or skype. This offer is for a limited time only.




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