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Earth Tantra Retreat Level 1

ReGround. ReCenter. ReConnect.


May 28-31st, 2021

Private Organic Apple Orchard & Farm:  Cedaredge, CO

-Investment: Starting at $449-

 Last Minute Opening!!!! 

Are you looking to reset and center your body & spirit?
Live a fast paced life and ready to unplug and immerse into nature for earth based Tantric healing & opening?
Join Tara, Level 4 Tantra Guide, Grounding Expert & Survival Wilderness Guide, and a like minded group for a 3 night off grid earth based Tantric transformational journey immersed into nature, and surrounded by an organic apple orchard and farm.

For Who?  Anyone who is ready to unplug and immerse in nature and ready to start an earth based Tantric Pathway.  This retreat is intended for individuals, however couples are welcome with PRIOR approval with Tara.  This retreat is a wonderful option if you prefer modern accommodations vs our purely primitive camping ETR1 retreat in July.  This microsized retreat is limited to 5 students/ 1 assistant and Tara (7 total)

What?   To Re-ground, Re-center, Re-connect with ourselves and direct this re-centered energy to connect with others in a healthy more grounded and authentic way. This retreat offers an introduction to Tantra OR for people who missed the basic rooted practices of Tantra in other workshops or retreats.

Why?  Sometimes in life we forget how to slow down, stay in the present moment, take care of ourselves first so we can re-group and connect with others on a deeper more authentic level.  Tantra guides us to do just this and much more to grow upon our spiritual path.

When?  Arrive at 2:00pm sharp.  No later or no earlier please.  

Where?  A private organic apple orchard and farm house just a few minutes outside the beautiful quaint town of Cedaredge, Colorado.  This will be Earth Tantra's 4th time to use this amazing sacred space.

You'll Leave With.... 

  • A better sense of self and trusting your body & intuition

  • A more intimate relationship with mother earth 

  • Appreciation for understanding what it feels like to be grounded and centered

  • ReConnection to what's important in life 

  • A solid foundation of earth based Tantra

  • A connectedness to your Earth Tantra Retreat family


Includes all of the above and....

  • Delicious healthy meals & snacks to meet nearly all needs - a questionnaire is provided at check out

  • Most ceremonial supplies (not ceremonial clothing)

  • Your choice of accommodations and access to private multiple meditation spaces

  • 1st Night Potluck Dinner and Coffee/ tea at all meals

  • A shared group bathroom, kitchen, living space and outdoor spaces

What's Not Included? 

  • Travel to and from the retreat space

  • Your pre-made potluck item for the first dinner

What to bring?  A more detailed list will be sent out closer to the retreat.

  • Premade potluck item (precut watermelon, chips/ salsa, hummus & baby carrots, gluten free crackers & cheese, etc)

  • White ceremonial clothing (or close to it - some color or tan is okay)

  • Black ceremonial clothing (or close to it - dark pink, etc with some color is okay

  • Water bottle, tea/coffee mug

  • Comfortable clothing for meditation, sitting outside, warm & cold weather

Life Long Spiritual Practice Investment: 

$449 - $629

Non-refundable hold my place/sign up fee = $100 toward total investment

(If you can't make it last minute $100 can be applied toward future events) 


Are you a professional photographer (or great with stellar camera)?  Save $249 and take 10 - 15 pics (inquire with Tara first to make sure it's a good match.

Payments are as follows
  • Pay $100 non-refundable sign up fee
  • Remaining balance  due day of event in cash, paypal or credit card.    Email prompts/ invoices will be communicated.

Retreat  Options

  • $449 - Bring your own tent/bag/pad for tenting outdoors (Full)

  • $529 - All gender single bed shared room (1 of 2 beds remain)

  • $629 - Private queen bedroom (1 remains)

Watch this video for Earth Tantra Retreat Vibes & Magic
About Your Guide
Tara L. Skubella is a Level 4 Certified Tantra Guide, Earthing Expert, Wilderness Survivalist (some of you may recognize her from Naked and Afraid) and a Tantra/ Kundalini Yoga instructor. She has worked with individuals and couples in retreats & workshops, as well as 1-on-1 private sessions since 2015. Her personal journey with Tantra empowered her to leave an unhealthy marriage and re-connect with self to allowing her to rediscover her purpose and femininity.  Since birthing Earth Tantra in 2016, Tara’s work has reached 1,000s of students. Tara has been featured in Parade, Insider, Bustle, Mashable, and Swell and has presented Tantra and healing with nature practices at various conferences like Loving More, Women's Wilderness, Women of Wisdom, Southwest Outdoor Leadership Conference and others.

What Students Are Saying about Tara

"Tara’s style of guidance is intuitive and tailored to the vibe of each individual group.  She keeps things lively and adventurous, while provoking inner exploration and growth!"  - 2020 Student
"Tara emanates a beautiful sense of tranquility and patience, which holds a safe open space."  -2020 Student
“Tara’s guidance is very open hearted.  She has a very beautiful way of creating space for people to find their way.” -2019 Student
Is this retreat Covid19 Colorado Guidelines compliant?
How many people will attend?
Approximately 5 to 6 students, 1 assistant & Tara
Is this retreat clothed? 
Yes, this retreat is clothed.   
What if I'm a little uncomfortable? 
 Each practice and session is always presented with options to adapt to each person's comfort level.  Comfort & trust is a priority and we grow upon each practice step by step for expansion.
Can I leave the retreat space to explore in town?
 The intention is to stay at the retreat center.   The safe energy of group is broken when students come and go.  There is plenty of space to distance yourself or to walk and run on a dirt road if you'd like to exercise.  If you'd like to explore town, we recommend to plan on staying in town the night before or after to tour the area.
How is the weather?
Be prepared for 40's to 80's degrees this time of year, as we will be outside often. Prepare for rain.
Keep in Mind.....
  A list of what to bring will be mailed approx 1 week before the retreat.  This retreat does not integrate time for touristing during the retreat.  Parking is available at the retreat space and carpooling is encouraged.
What about transportation and airport transfers?  

Montrose airport is 1 hr away.  Grand Junction airport is 1+ hrs away.  Denver airport is 6+ hrs away.  Car rentals are available at all airports. Tara will NOT be able to pick up students, however there are usually a few students driving through Montrose to come to the retreat, but it's not guaranteed.​



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