Earth Tantra Retreat: Level 1

For ADHDers:  You don't need to be officially diagnosed to attend. 

This retreat might also be for you if you are under high stress, anxiety, over active mind, etc.

Earth Tantra Outdoor Retreat Center

Ouray, Colorado

August 13th-16th:  Thursday Noon to Sunday 11am

*3 of 6 Spots Remain*




*Scroll down for COVID19 Response listed under "The Facts"*

Join Tara L. Skubella, Earthing Expert, Tantra Guide & Wilderness Survivalist AND ADHDer herself, and a small intimate like minded ADHDer group as we gather to recenter our body, calm our monkey mind and connect with others through gentle introductory Earth Based Tantric practices such as breath work, mediation, earthing, forest bathing, connection games and activities, a cacao ceremony and more. 
Learn and experience how weaving nature and Tantra together will help ADHD! 
 This retreat is  nearly all inclusive retreat taking place in nature surrounded by the majestic San Juan Mountain peaks.



Life Long Spiritual Practice Investment:  $449

Non-refundable processing fee = $29/Remaining balance due 3 days before retreat via paypal OR cash day of (no checks)

Processing fee is applied toward balance and can be applied toward other services if you can't make it last minute.



Two kitchen service trade are open to save $100 each (inquire with Tara first)

$249 off for a professional (or near professional) photographer to help take 8 to 10 pics (inquire with Tara first)

$449 - Sleep in your own tent, hammock or 4WD vehicle

Shakti Shiva Puja
Shakti Shiva Puja


tent space
tent space

Shakti Shiva Puja
Shakti Shiva Puja



COVID19 RESPONSE & SPACE HOLDING:  Do not attend the retreat if you are feeling sick, have any related symptoms or have been knowingly exposed to COVID19 14 days before August 12th or have a fever the day before or of the event.  The $29 processing fee can be applied toward any future event.  Other funds will be returned.  ALL of Earth Tantra Events take place outside in open air and you'll be sleeping in your personal tent, which will minimize living closeness.  We are only accepting up to 6 students for this micro-retreat in keeping numbers low.   We are requiring everyone to wash hands before meal ( and using anything in the kitchen) at the hand washing station, keep good hygiene, wear a mask when in the tipi, to use the supplied disposable plates and utensils and .   The first approx 20-22 hours provides silent meditation in your own space w/o connection or even eye contact with others.   Wash Water, hand sanitizer, soap, etc for hygiene will be available and asked to use.  Please bring your own water bottle and mug.  We stay aligned with all state required guidelines and some additional guidelines according to our insurance policy including sanitizing and cleaning methods.  Earth Tantra is not supplying yoga mats, meditation blankets, etc. this year.  Please bring your own. Many practices have been adapted to include safe distancing instead of positive touch based practices like in the past. 

Who? For anyone 18-118 years with ADHD or suspected ADHD OR similar - such as social anxiety, high stress, etc

What?  To Re-ground, Re-center, Re-connect with ourselves and direct this re-centered energy to connect others in a healthy more grounded and authentic way. This retreat is a great way to step outside our comfort zone and embrace our physical sensations.

During retreat we will:

  • Take time to land, ground, earth and grow our connection with mother earth for a near 20 hours in guided silent meditation practices.  This includes a night sleep and opportunities for foresting bathing.

  • Discover and feel how earth's vibration heals us, calms our neural system, resets our body, mind & soul.

  • Explore how to integrate earth, breath work and centering into our daily lives for less stress, anxiety and chaos.

  • Celebrate in a special heart opening cacao ritual and 5 senses Shiva/Shakti Puja - Masculine/Feminine energy ceremony.

  • Learn how to share energy exchange with others in the group using the wheel of consent model. 

  • Embrace the body through acceptance, shame and free movement spirit dance.

  • Leave refreshed, grounded, inspired, centered and more connect to earth, self, spirit and others on a deeper level.

  • Understand and embody Tantra from a rooted traditional approach from Buddhist/ Taoist/ Hindi and earth based practices.

Why?  Tantra is a wonderful practice for ADHDers.  There is not just one set practice with Tantra.  We get to pick and choose the practices that resonate with us the most and CHANGE our mind in what feels best.  Sometimes in life we forget how to slow down, drop within, stay in the present moment, take care of ourselves first so we can re-group and connect with others on a deeper more authentic level - even if we want to go there.  Tantra guides us to do just this and much more to grow upon our spiritual path.

When?  August 13th - 16th.   Arrive at Noon. We will car pool to the retreat center in 4WD vehicles only.  There is group parking at the bottom of the mountain if you don't have 4WD.  There will not be opportunities to go back to the group parking during the retreat and is over 1 mile away.

Where?   We will gather at the Earth Tantra Retreat Center, a private stunning outdoor mountain sanctuary at approx 4 acres, above Ouray, Colorado.  The retreat space near Tara's private living space and is surrounded by 2,000 acres of private and public lands.  Shared outdoor toilets, kitchen, community spaces, meditation nooks, incredible mountain and valley views, and much more surrounds the space and is provided.  What isn't provided is an outdoor shower due to water being hauled in.  However, plenty of baby wipes are available AND Orvis Hot Springs or Ouray Hot Springs are 8 miles away if you need to soak & shower on your way home.   The address and directions will be sent to you closer to the retreat.  4WD is required for access, but a cool pool will be arranged for those without 4WD.  There are plenty of parking spaces at the retreat space.

Included? 3 over nights stay at retreat space, use of facilities and A POTLUCK DINNER THURSDAY NIGHT.  We cover dietary needs (gluten free, protein, vegan options, allergies, etc), light snacks, drinks (coffee/tea/water/etc) drinking as washing water, and late night delectables.  A dietary needs questionnaire is required at check out. This retreat also includes guiding by Tara L. Skubella AND assisted by an Earth Tantra 500 hr Teacher Certification Student.  Also provided are activity supplies including ceremonial grade cacao for the cacao ceremony, bonding with adults of all types of uniqueness, a deeper sense of self, mountain life, connections, new friendships and learn practices and skills that will last you a life time.  


What's Not Included? Travel, Ceremonial clothing (bring both white/ near white and black/ near black), *PREMADE potluck item to bring for dinner on Thursday night (chips/salsa, bag of carrots & hummus, already cut fruit salad, etc), personal extra snacks and other personal items.  This is a primitive living retreat center, including compositing toilets and limited water.  Showers are not available.   However, Drinking, Hand wash water  and composting toilets ARE  provided.  A list of what to bring will be sent out in an e-mail approx 2-3 weeks before the retreat.  Blanket, yoga mat or meditation cushion.  Please bring a pillow, blanket or yoga mat.  

Keep in Mind:   Be prepared for both outdoor and indoor weather, near 35 at night to 80's during the day this time of year, as we will be outside often.  Since we are camping you'll want to bring camping gear.  A list of what to bring will be mailed approx 3 week before the retreat.  This retreat does not integrate time for touristing in town, however there are plenty of places to stay and camp in and around Ouray.  The retreat center is a rustic and primitive outdoor retreat center, be prepared for primitive camping conditions.  Ceremonial clothing of both black and white are requested for Friday and Saturday nights.  Only 4wd vehicles are allowed at the retreat center.  Parking is available at the bottom of the mountain - you will not have access to the bottom of the mountain parking during the retreat.